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Have You Been To Drive Shack Recently?

Individuals have been flocking to different places of active entertainment after spending time in their respective houses. More have found themselves visiting places such as Drive Shack to spend time with friends and family in a fun setting.

Drive Shack is a firm that provides games that help people to gather today and have a little fun. It is supposed to be a social space that has everything from happy hours to brunches on the weekend.

The place serves as a great choice for those who want to host birthday parties or merely plan simple social gatherings. It wants to serve as another potential destination for individuals who seek to have a good time.

The founders of the firm realized that it was easy to go out and be disappointed and decided that they would do something about it. That is why they have this space that offers a wide variety of games catered to adults. 

Let’s learn more about Drive Shack.

Drive Shack and The Games It Offers

You can find a wide variety of games at Drive Shack. The company wants to make sure that it provides fun for many different people and their interests. If you are not interested in one of the main games, you can find fun in another.


What games do they offer?


Now, believe it or not, these are all variations of golf. Drive Shack sought to make golf a bit more interesting with different visuals and different targets to hit. 

  • Darts. This is where you would target different areas except in a golf format.
  • Monster Hunt. This is another golf game having to do with monsters.
  • ShackJack. It is a casino like game where you focus on getting to 21 but not a number over.
  • Pro Range. This game is straightforward and simple golfing.
  • Hot Shot. This is golfing but with the goal of challenging yourself a little more.
  • Puttery. This is a fairly new concept, the game of putting re-imagined for adults.

A representative from the firm notes that the new concept, Puttery, “offers a modern spin on putting, combining innovative technology with a high-energy, adults-only atmosphere.” The representative from Drive Shack continues “after two years of development, Puttery will debut in our home market at one of the most exciting entertainment districts in North Texas.”


Khouri, the CEO of the firm goes on to say that “Puttery puts a whole new spin on putting. Whether you can sink a putt from the rough or haven’t swung a putter since grade school – anyone can have a great time with our over-the-top courses, delicious food, innovative craft cocktails and energetic vibe.”

Drive Shack is Located In These Places

The firm is located in several places across the United States.


  • Orlando
  • Raleigh
  • Richmond
  • West Palm Beach
  • The Colony (Puttery)

Drive Shack Is Already a Publicly Listed Company

The firm trades under the ticker $DS and is currently hovering around the $1.98 price point.


A few simple points here:


Market Cap of Drive Shack – 182.33M

Revenue: 200M Range

Earnings – (30M) to (60M)

The company has a core business and has a new concept, Puttery, that could be just what it needs to spur more growth and attract more customers. While COVID-19 still seems to linger, consumer confidence seems to be higher. People are taking more flights, going out to eat, and living their lives.

It will be interesting to see how individuals react to Drive Shack’s new concept and to see how Drive Shack seeks to grow and become profitable over the next few years.

The firm will have more Puttery locations in Dallas, Houston, Miami and more over the next two years.

Again, the CEO of Drive Shack stated “our first Puttery venue debuted in our home market on September 3rd in The Colony, Texas, one of the most exciting entertainment districts in North Texas. Guests are responding favorably to our inaugural Puttery and the feedback on their experience remains overwhelmingly positive… We look forward to opening additional Puttery venues in the coming months, including our Charlotte location which is planned to open later this quarter.”

Have you been Drive Shack recently? What do you think of the place?


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