Loot crate may 2015: unite!

June’s Cyber Themed Loot Crate Did Not Disappoint

Another month, another epic mail delivery from Loot Crate. And the theme is…

Cyber themed loot crate magazine

That’s right, all our favourite evil companies, robots, and games- all in one place! So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Obviously, starting off, we have the monthly Loot Crate Magazine, featuring interviews with Sam Esmail, creator of TV show Mr. Robot, and Zachary Levi, creator of Nerd HQ. It also has a free download of a Homeworld colouring book, which is pretty neat.

Cyber themed loot crate: zachary levi

Also included was this month’s pin with the Cyber theme:

Loot crate cyber pin

Spreading the Word with Nerdy Stickers

Now, let’s start with the really awesome stuff. Along with Mr. Levi’s interview, this month’s Loot Crate has a Nerd HQ sticker sheet.

Cyber themed loot crate: nerd hq sticker sheet

Tron + Transformers = Awesome

That equation was no lie, this month’s Loot Crate t-shirt was more amazing than all the rest and that’s saying something. Loot Crate combined the Tron background theme and Optimus Prime rocking a power pose.

Cyber themed loot crate: transformers/tron tshirt

Mouse Pad Mobility

Cyber themed loot crate: zer0 mousepad

Also included is a 10″ x 12″ mouse pad featuring Zer0 (the playable assassin character in Borderlands, a series of action role-playing first-person shooter video games.) The larger size really makes it great by providing a much wider space for when you’re playing your PC games.

Sorry, no banana for scale…

Zer0 mousepad large

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Awesome Clothing Patches?

Cyber themed loot crate: tyrell corp

For those of you who don’t recognize this little emblem, it’s from Blade Runner and is the company logo for the fictional and sinister Tyrell Corporation, whose motto is “More Human than Human.” Tyrell Corps was responsible for genetically engineered replicants, aka robots used like servants for humans. This cute patch can be ironed or sewn into hoodies, bags, or whatever.

Cylon Shooting Practice

Another thing included in this Loot Crate was this mysterious envelope.

Cylon shooting target

When I opened it, I found two posters of Cylons (For those of you living under a rock, those were the main antagonists of the show Battlestar Galactica). As you can see, they are meant to be for target practice.

Shooting range target

The Loot Crate Magazine shows a woman shooting one with a Nerf gun, but I am sure the more embittered badasses out there could actually take it to a shooting range.

Glow-in-the-Dark Fun

Cyber themed loot crate: glow in the dark pouch

The cute blue pouch shown above is a great size for pens or pencils. When placed under direct light for a bit, it also glows in the dark. Great for school or even work.

Exclusive Terminator  Loot

This month’s big deal item was two pieces of collectibles based on the upcoming movie, Terminator: Genisys (starring none other than beloved Daenerys, Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons as Sarah Conner). For the first item, we have a (surprisingly!!) heavy metal keychain shaped as a Genisys brain chip.

Exclusive terminator genisys

To go along with it is a 1/2 scale plastic model cyborg skull of the great Terminator himself.

Half scale endo skull terminator genisys

And that’s not all, the box that all this wonderful loot came in is also Terminator themed. As you can see from my amazing folding skills:

Loot crate box art
What’re you think ’bout, Termy? Aw, nothing. Just human domination and stuff.



Terminator skull

We have the Terminator rocking his metal skeletor body and more minions on the back.

Loot crate terminator



And that concludes this month’s epic Cyber themed Loot Crate unboxing. If you’re already a Loot Crate subscriber, then you’ve gotten all this fun stuff. If you’re not, then you don’t have to keep missing out. Just sign up for your own Loot Crate subscription and get yours next month! It’s easy and you still have time to get in on the July shipment!

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