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Jokes For Geeks

For all the techie geeks out there, jokes about technology, computers, and the internet are very relatable. Since tech geeks form a community, unique techie jokes make everyone laugh. If you understand techie humor, find cyber security, tech, and virus jokes that will surely crack your ribs.  

Techie Jokes

What is the possible reaction of an SEO content writer to twins? It would be the first time they’re happy with duplicate content.

What do programmers like to wear? Googles

Why was the keyboard guy fired? He wasn’t doing his shifts.

What did the device have for lunch? A byte.

What kind of computer can sing the best? A Dell.

What’s the spider doing on the computer? It’s making a web site.

Do we need airbags on computers? Yes, because they might crash.

What can I do to get a job at Microsoft? You must Excel in the interview.

What makes the computer sneeze? Leaving windows open.

What was the computer doing in the dentist’s office? Getting Bluetooth checked.

What is the rarest thing that members do when signing up? Reading all the terms and conditions.

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