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Jisoncase Helps Me Keep My Macbook Safe–and Looks Good Doing It

by Jonathan Nobles

I really love my tech devices. I’m also very clumsy, which means they regularly get dropped, or knocked over, or otherwise mistreated. And since I can’t afford to constantly replace them, I’m a big proponent of device cases that protect my stuff. But they also have to look good, and they can’t limit the functionality of the device.

That’s why I’m really excited about the new MacBook Air folio sleeve pouch from Jisoncase. It helps keep my MacBook Air safe, and it also gives my device a stylish, professional look.


It’s made of quality PU leather, so it has the look and feel of a much more expensive case. There a few color options as well—I opted for traditional brown, but it also comes in grey and rose red.

Installing the case couldn’t be easier. Just take it out of the box and slip the keyboard of the MacBook into the bottom section. The top of the case has straps that attach to the screen portion and hold it in place when you want the keyboard to be flat on your lap. Or, you can roll the top section into a stand that provides support and angles the keyboard to a comfortable level for desktop typing.


The case is completely unobtrusive—it doesn’t restrict access to the keyboard or the touchpad at all. And all of the side ports are accessible as well, so there’s no need to take it out of the case to charge or use USB peripherals.

Admittedly, I didn’t drop my MacBook or throw it around to truly test the case’s physical attributes, but it seems both thick and wide enough to cushion the bottom corners if it’s dropped (which is where any serious damage would likely to occur). And, complete coverage of the outer surface guards against scuffs and scratches.

Privacy is a big deal for me as well. I often work (or pretend to work) in restaurants and coffee houses, and prying eyes are always a risk, especially when reviewing sensitive client data. So I’ve started using a privacy screen (which also serves as a screen protector—I’m hard on device displays as well). Fortunately, my Jisoncase doesn’t interfere with the display at all, so I don’t have to sacrifice data protection for device protection. 

Honestly, the only downside I can see to using this case to protect my MacBook Air is the fact that, when it’s fully installed, you can’t see the Apple logo on the lid. But there’s an easy way around that:

Check out this case and all other JisonCase products at www.jisoncase.com.

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