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It’s Scarf Weather – Check Out the Most Easily Adjustable One EVER

by Matthew Harris

When you were younger, chances are pretty good that you heard  “Don’t forget your scarf!“ numerous times from Mom and as an adult you like them simply because they do what they’re supposed to – help keep you warm.

As such, it’s easy to appreciate the warmth and comfort of a good scarf, but also understand a few of their pitfalls…

  1. Tying a scarf (especially with gloves on) can be a hassle
  2. They don’t always play well with high collars
  3. Adjusting them on the go is tricky

Most dictionaries simply define a scarf as “a length or square of fabric worn around the neck or head” and that describes virtually every scarf…. except for the Polarity Scarf.

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This upgrade to winter neckwear combines the best of both scarves and neck gaiters. They’re made of premium fabrics and infused with neodymium magnets that wrap, clasp, and drag along a flexible steel track and as such, the Polarity Scarf addresses the above caveats with style.

It’s currently being crowdsourced and just 10 days in they are already 2/3 funded. Get yours over at – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/295842607/the-polar-scarf/posts

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