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A Few Compelling Reasons To Go To Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you are the adventurist we think you are, you should visit Chattanooga on your next tourist vacation.

Chattanooga is breathtaking. It is the location of a 13-mile paved riverwalk dotted by parks, restaurants, attractions, and museums. There are tons of fun things to do, going solo, visiting with friends, or bringing the entire family along.

Here are three fun facts you should know about Chattanooga

The underground city: in Nooga, as locals seem to like to call it, there is an underground city filled with doors that lead nowhere, windows that open into walls, and tunnels that can get you walking for hours. No one really knows how this underground city came to be. Who knows, you might be the one to figure it out.

Eat snacks as big as the moon: Sometime in 1917, a coal miner asked for a snack as big as the moon. And that was how the MoonPie was created. Manufacturers Road is where to be if you want a slice of the delicious MoonPie.

The world’s fastest internet: Nooga holds that title. It is the first community to provide gig internet speed to its users. Do you know what that means? You can livestream your adventure in Chattanooga.

Here are some of the things to try out when you are in Chattanooga

Hiking: Everyone talks about the fresh air, beautiful scenery, and numerous attractions. You should give it a try. Locations include Walnut Street Bridge and Lookout Mountain.
Riverboats: Take your family or your special one (winks) on a beautiful ride down the river. Tennessee Riverpark is the place to start.
History: there is a lot to learn about Chattanooga. Visit Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum to learn more.
Kids treats: bringing kids on the trip?


Then check out the following locations:
Naughty Cat Cafe
Classic Arcade Pinball Museum
Adventure Sports Innovation
Superfly Extreme Air Sports


Lots of Fun and Affordable

There is quite a bit to do when checking out the Nooga area. What is great about this place is that may not be an area that many people know about. When you think about visiting another area, you generally do not think about different cities like Nooga, you think about places like Vegas or L.A. or other more popular areas. But venture out a little more, wander around in nature, and go and visit some of the other places that the United States has to offer.


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