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Is the Rare Beer Club Appealing?

The Rare Beer Club is a family-owned enterprise operating for over 20 years. It has worked through a consistent pattern of maintaining a quality standard, offering variety, and ensuring a structured way of selecting the breweries that make it to your doorstep every month.

Every year more and more people try out new varieties and appreciate great craft beers.

Here’s the truth. 

The volume of quality and creative breweries has risen significantly. That’s too many for the average consumer to comb through every month. The Rare Beer Club is a compelling organization that picks out fantastic discovery and sends it out to its growing audience. Remember that the company will send beer, cheese, and other items with their shipments.

We know that the Rare Beer Club used to sign members at beer festivals, and now it attends those festivals to engage with its loyal following. 

The Rare Beer company feels distinguished honor in being chosen to do so. With more people appreciating the beer club experience, it becomes easier to encourage the exploration of new beer types that can ultimately be served to the same customers. 

What else do you need to know?

Rare Beer Club offers between a package of 2, 4, or 6 bottles of artisanal beers. Each bottle holds 750 ml. Every package has two types of beers from between 1 to 3 breweries. With at least 3 shipments ordered at a time, you receive a bartender bottle opener. You do not need to bother with an auto-renewal if you decide on a fixed duration of shipments you would like to get. 

Pertinent Details

The Rare Beer Club tests more than 500 beers every year from breweries located all over the world. In order to offer an exceptional selection, the beer club is well versed in getting the right profile, balance, aroma, and appearance of each beer that makes it to the variety box. The flavor, mouthfeel, and finish is something that is meant to delight your taste buds in an individually unique way for each bottle. 

They are very selective.

After tasting beers, not even half of them make it to the final roster. 

It collaborates with an expert panel that is highly renowned amongst many breweries and prestigious platforms. Further, it has been in the industry for decades, which allows it a relationship with many top brewers in America and some specialty ones across the world. Every time a new product is about to launch that scores high on the testing profile for the Rare Beer Club, it goes right into the membership package. 

More than innovative and outstanding brews, it is essential to foresee what the final consumer will like out of the whole experience. That is why The Rare Beer Club membership is an experience like no other. 

The beer collections are mostly exclusive, with particular attention given to seasonal notes that arrive just in time for you to enjoy the weather. Mainly these drinks are produced in small batches once a year. 

Great Customer Service

The Rare Beer Club prioritizes the relationships it holds with its customers. A responsive customer support team is ready to serve consumers and answer all their queries. To date, 98% of the customers of Rare Beer will highly recommend the membership, according to a survey in the past few months. 

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