Is Pavlok 2 a Habit Conditioning Device Legit?

Pavlov 2

The new Pavlok 2 is the state of the art haptic device formulated based on data from 80 years of research and study, or so the company states. The device makes use of scientific aversion therapies to reward good behavior and punish horrible habits.

The device may be perfect for people looking to make a change or looking to move on from some of the small bad habits that have made their way into a permanent routine.

What’s Great about the New Pavlok?

The new Pavlok has a longer battery life, a faster processor, improved connectivity, and motion sensors that keep track of your actions. The device aptly advertises itself as, “Wear Your Willpower.”

How Does the Pavlok 2 Work ?

Pavlok 2’s primary function is to vibrate every time you do what the device categorizes as good behavior. The tool gives you an electric stimulus every time you do something that it sees as a bad practice that you want to eliminate from your life.

These habits can be anything from sleeping, being productive, etc. The five-day aversion program also accompanies the device if you want to see substantial results.

Pavlok 2 also notes that these bad behaviors can range from items like mindless eating, sleeping in, nail biting, and even negative thoughts. The last one is particularly interesting if it can genuinely sense that and get you back to a neutral zone.

Pavlok 2 Specs

The specs of the device list a battery life that lasts between 5 days to a whole week, a silicone band, a three-axis accelerometer, a vibration motor, a piezo buzzer, a Bluetooth connectivity system, and an electric stimulus of between 50 to 450 volts.

You can connect your Pavlok device to the Android or iOS.

The Art of Aversive Conditioning
Aversive conditioning is a proven behavior conditioning technique. It uses stimuli to reinforce as actions as positive or negative. It isn’t effortless for people to let go of habits that they find satisfying and pleasurable. It would be easier to quit these habits if they were to receive a negative stimulus instead of a pleasurable one every time they did it.

So, what is the negative stimulus in Pavlok 2?

The negative stimulus in Pavlok 2 is a slight shock.

The uncomfortable sensation helps you associate that habit with a lousy feeling making you ultimately decide that maybe you don’t like doing it as much. It only takes a couple of weeks to make you feel this way.

The Pavlok App

The Pavlok 2 app allows you to not only find immersion in informative courses on breaking bad habits and beginning positive new ones, but you can also join the Pavlok community and get to talk to coaches too.

Things to Remember with Pavlok 2

It is essential to remember that the Pavlok 2 is not a medical device, as such, if you have concerns about the device, you should go see a doctor or medical professional before us. Those who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or suffer from heart related conditions should likely stay away from this particular device.

Finally, Pavlok 2 is not waterproof, so you will want to make sure that you keep it away from liquids.

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