Do You Want To Go Work For Tesla? Musk is Hiring for AI

Tesla hiring high school dropouts

Do you have an abundance of bright ideas for artificial intelligence (AI)? Are you determined to revolutionize our everyday lives? Is working for one of the most popular companies of the world appealing to you?

If you answered any of these questions with an unwavering ‘Yes’, then this news regarding Tesla hiring high school dropouts might just be the opportunity you are looking for.

According to Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk, the company is always looking for bright and talented individuals who feel that they have significant contributions to make to the world of tech and innovation – even when they don’t have formal academic degrees.


Doubling down on that approach, Musk is now calling upon people who would like to apply to Tesla’s Autopilot AI arm, and earn the opportunity to contribute to what could become the first commercially available self-driven car.

Through a tweet on Sunday, the SpaceX founder announced new AI job openings at Tesla and promised that those who apply to the program will be able to communicate directly to him through different mediums.


The Autopilot AI recruitment page that Musk shared contains information on what the program entails and what kind of work will it require from those who want to join it. Towards the end, the page simply asks candidates to submit their name, email, and information about any “exceptional” work that they have done in AI.


This information collection page is part of a hackathon that Musk is holding with the Tesla AI team.

“Invitations going out soon.” The engineer wrote.


But that’s not all that Musk did.

In a follow up tweet that addressed a question of whether a PhD degree was tied to an invite, the entrepreneur stayed true to his years long stance and mentioned that he doesn’t even care “if you graduated high school.”

Musk went on to mention that all anyone requires to apply for these job openings is a “deep understanding of AI” and the ability to understand neural networks (NNs) in a useful way.

In additional tweets, the Tesla boss explained the other requirements of the program as well as the capabilities that are already used by it. He also stressed that the function to use NNs tangibly is what the Tesla AI team is really looking for in candidates.


The way that Musk dismissed the requirement for a specific degree and specifically PhD is quite interesting. The engineer himself famously ditched a Stanford PhD program in applied physics, just two days after joining it. With this in mind, Tesla hiring high school dropouts doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary.

At the time of writing, the Autopilot page is still collecting candidate information. If you are interested in making use of this opportunity, heading to the Tesla website should be your next course of action.

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