Is Nomophobia a Serious Concern?

Phone addiction

It’s possible that millions could be suffering from nomophobia right this minute, a condition also known as “no mobile phobia.” It sounds a little silly, but when you look at the science, it does raise some red flags. People have literally become addicted to their mobile devices, and they end up suffering without them.

A Stress-Filled Life

The world has become high-tech and fast-paced. This quick-moving lifestyle is incredibly stressful. Mobile phones can actually help reduce some of the stress by keeping professionals in touch with work, and parents in touch with their kids. But when you find yourself out of touch, you may find that you, too, suffer from nomophobia.

The Effects of Nonophobia

According to research, millions and millions of people are very afraid of being out of contact. In a world where it seems like everyone is connected to everything at all times, this isn’t really surprising. In one survey conducted in Britain, more than 50 percent of responders said they never turn their mobile devices off. One in ten said they need to be in contact for work, and at least 9 percent said having the phone turned off makes them feel nervous.

Stress affects hormone levels, raises blood pressure and can even lead to anxiety attacks, which feel very similar to heart attacks. Stress may cause people to become short of breath and to panic, which can change body temperature and affect reactions. Being out of touch is a real fear for many people, and it creates real symptoms.

How to Deal with Nomophobia


Do you start sweating when you find that you have no bars on your phone, or find that the battery is dead? Do you find that you’re unable to turn off your mobile? If you think you might be a nomophobic, you might need to learn some tips and tricks to help you deal with it.

  • Keep a spare charger: Keep an extra phone charger physically with you at all times. When it’s within easy reach, you’ll automatically feel more soothed if your battery starts to dwindle.
  • Keep a pre-paid phone card: Don’t get caught without communication. Phones break and fail all the time. Keep a pre-paid phone card with you, just in case, so you can make use of public phones when necessary.
  • Keep a record: Don’t lose all your contact information due to a lost or broken mobile device. Back up all your contact information so you can upload it into a new phone.
  • Keep a spare: If you’re afraid of being out of contact, keep a spare phone. Free cell phones and pre-paid cell phones are simple, but they use the same technology as your fancy, expensive mobile device. You can always upload your contact list and other info on the sim card that comes with the spare phone, and keep a backup of your important data.

Nomophobia is a very serious concern for those who suffer from it. Sufferers can be any age, from any walk of life. All you really need to become a nomophobic is a mobile device that you love.

Are you nomophobic? Are you willing to admit it in the comments below? For help with nomophobia and other stressors, consider counseling with BetterHelp.

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