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inViu Routes GPS Tracking App for Android – Review

GPS Tracking Made Easy

inViu Routes GPS tracking app is one of my favorite apps of 2013. It lets you track and record travel routes with the help of any Android phone. It works like any other GPS device, with some extra added features. inViu Routes lets you find locations and directions on OpenStreetMap, you can also set Geofences, take photos with the GPS coordinates and assign them to any suitable routes or POIs (Point of Interests).

Take Notes Along the Routes

There is a new feature, Geo-Notes, that lets you make text or voice based reminders for specific locations and POIs to give you notifications along the route. POIs, routes, and photos can also be emailed directly to you as a map image, .kml file or .GPX file. You can also share the routes via any other social media app installed on your device.
The best feature about the app is that you can also use it as a tracking software. It can be used by parents to monitor their children’s activity, or by friends and families that want to keep an eye on each other in real time. The backend provides real time location data for each device. You can log-in to the inViu web site and track each device that allows it in real time on OpenStreetMap. Businesses can also use this software to track their employees just by providing them with an android phone and employees can make use of the app by setting up location based reminders for their tasks.

Best App for Travel and Outdoor Sports Lovers

This app is a must-have for travel and outdoor sport enthusiasts to record best trip routes, take POIs, and to make Geonotes for any specific locations. The app comes in two different flavors, free and paid. Even though the free version is completely ad-free and provides all the functionality that the paid app offers, there’s a catch. The user can only take 10 photos, POIs and routes, while the paid app gives you the option to save as many as you want. You can buy the premium service right within the app for roughly 5 bucks; The best 5 bucks you’ll ever spend, honestly.

Must Have GPS Tracking App

All in all, inViu Routes is a one-of-a-kind app for Android. You should definitely give it a try and ask your friends and families to download it as well. The app has garnered 5 star reviews so far and users are actually using it as a daily driver.

Click here to download inViu Routes on Google Play.
Let us know what you think about inViu routes! What extra features would you like to see added to the app?


  1. I tried this app inViu routes and I like it very much. Many features and easy handling.
    My favourite is viewing of the GPS data in the Web portal inViu Web.
    I can fully recommend this app.

    1. So, great to hear that you like the app! Did you purchase the premium service or are you using the free service?

      1. I purchased the premium service, because 10 routes are not enough. I will save my next holiday in this app with all routes and pictures. If I revisit I can use my POIs with the best restaurants and places I liked..

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