The travel card phone charger

Introducing the Handy TravelCard Phone Charger

The extra conveniences that cellphones and smartphones afford is never-ending. The downside is having to figure out a way to keep your phone charged while you are on the go. A solution has been developed by the Go Design Group – The TravelCard. The TravelCard is a credit card sized phone charger you can fit in your wallet or slip into your back pocket and carry with you wherever you go. Whenever your phone is running out of juice, just plug it into your device as needed.

The Phone Charger that Fits in Your Wallet

This portable charger is the size of a credit card in diameter and the size of four or five credit cards in thickness. If you carry an average to medium large or large-sized wallet, the travel card will slide right in. For those who have a smaller sized wallet or whose wallets are more or less full can slip this device into their back pockets just as easily. The TravelCard is nifty. Rather than stuffing your pockets, purse, or laptop bag with wall chargers and cords, you can have back up charging capability even when no wall outlets are near.

The TravelCard has two built-in charging cables, one is a micro USB cord which plugs into a laptop or wall charger and the other is a lightning cable which plugs into your iPhone 5 or more recent model. The people at Go Design have also developed an Android compatible version which works just the same and is the same price point.

The travelcard phone charger

This device can be purchased in blue, black, grey, silver, and red. The back of the device is white, except for the black colored model which is black on both sides. The TravelCard charger is also very sturdy and made from brushed aluminum, meanwhile the two cords on each side of the charger tuck neatly into the back and are only one inch long and even when not tucked in the slots do not make the device any less free of the wiry clutter of typical charge cords and devices. Weighing just 1.6 ounces, the charger is also very light.

The TravelCard phone charger’s 1,500mAh battery can add up to 5 hours of talk time to your phone’s battery. To charge up the TravelCard charger before you head out the door, just plug it in to the USB port of your computer or USB compatible wall charger. In thirty minutes your device will be ready for use. On the top side of the charger is an LED light and a button. When your device is connected, the button initiates charging and when your device is not connected, pressing the button will prompt the LED to indicate battery life. When the light is blue, the charger has 80% power. An amber light indicates less than 80% while a blinking light indicates less than 10%.

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

The TravelCard is remarkably easy to transport. The convenience of having a cellphone is often undercut by the fact that your phone battery will run out and carrying cords and wall chargers around can be annoying. This holiday season you can purchase The TravelCard for just $29.99. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer and very likely something that somebody in your household surely could use.

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