Impressive live action Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan film trailer released

Deus ex: human revolutionThe internet is full of lighthearted and entertaining fan films based off popular video game series, but the recently released trailer for a short film under the simple title of ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ is a far more serious venture.

Clocking in at a short but sweet 1 minute 5 seconds there isn’t much to be seen in terms of plot, however the special effects and costume design are on the money, with the highly augmented characters looking as if they’ve stepped straight out of the video game the film is based on. Not to mention the spot-on Adam Jansen facial hair.

The project itself is being put together by production company DCode films who have previously worked on various TV adverts, promotional videos and feature films. Project lead and company founder Moe Charif is not only writing and directing the piece, but also stars as lead character Adam Jensen.

There’s no word of when it will be complete and how it will be distributed with the only information being found in the Youtube video’s description,

‘A teaser for a short film based on the video game Deus Ex “Human Revolution”. We are working really hard to get the short film done as soon as possible. Please let us know what you think!’

For the time being it would seem that DCode’s film has overshadowed the officially licensed Deus Ex Human Revolution movie that came to light back in July 2012 when CBS announced they had secured the rights to make a feature film. Video game movie adaptations haven’t had the greatest success since they started appearing back in the nineties and as if to address the stigma CBS have made it clear that they are working very closely with game developers Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal.

The official film will be jointly produced by Roy Lee, of The Ring and The Grudge (US remakes) fame, and Adrian Askarieh, who has previously worked on the poorly received Hitman movie adaptation. It was later revealed that horror director Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) would be directing the ambitious Deus Ex film, which is planned for a 2014 release.

Even so, it is clear that DCode’s short film is passionately fuelled by a deep appreciation of the source material, and with a crew reaching almost a hundred individuals in size it is set to be much more than your average ‘fan film’.