AppSales for Android Keeps Track of all Holiday Deals

Appsales for androidTis the season for huge discounts and sales!

Google Play brings you a bucket load of apps and games with heavily discounted prices to keep you happy for the holiday season. Although, we try our best to keep you up to date with all the apps and games available with discounts; we are after all only human and sometimes get distracted by lousy stuff too – like a cute kitty video or even Gangnam style!

Well, good news geek fans, today we bring you a sophisticated and neat app called “AppSales”; this cool app keeps track of all the deals on games and apps in the Play store.

If you have been looking for a simple way to find jaw dropping deals on apps and games from Google Play, then AppSales is your saviour. It brings you a neatly curated list of deals on your favorite games and apps, all with a simple and user friendly UI.

It is not one of those apps that show you lists of BS or apps you’ve never heard of, but instead AppSales shows you trending deals on apps and games that are popular and hot.

It also notifies you of any price drops and sales on your favorite apps. You can also like or comment on apps, and let others know how you feel about them and the price. You also have the ability to set filters to make sure what you’re shown is worthy of your attention.

AppSales is the perfect app for everyone looking for the best possible deals in the Google Play store. It doesn’t only save you money, but also helps you in deciding where to spend your hard earned cash. With the holidays here, you’ll be finding lots of deals and saving a ton of money, all with this nifty app. Don’t think about it just download it and start saving right away.

Do let us know if it helps you save any money.

It saved me a couple of bucks!