5 Reasons Why ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ Veterans Should Buy the Director’s Cut

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In 2000, the first Deus Ex was released, and after several years the first decent sequel arrived, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Now, Human Revolution is available as a Director’s Cut, with all of the existing content and some new features.

However, some Human Revolution veterans might not want to pay more money for a game they have already beaten, but here’s why they should.


First off, for those who do not have the game, it was nearly $50 for the main game, $15 for The Missing Link DLC and around $5 for some extras, making the total around $70. Now, you can get everything ever made by Eidos Montreal for Human Revolution for only $20.

Veterans, Steam is offering 50% off if you own the main game and another 25% if you own The Missing Link. Combined to make a 75% discount, you only pay $5. This gets you the extra DLC content (guns and a bonus mission) and new content, such as commentary and a documentary. This is all you pay for if you own the previously mentioned games.

Gameplay Changes 

Remember how hard this fight was as a stealth playthrough?

Stealth folk remember how annoying the boss battles where you are forced to play as a shooter are. That’s all gone now–replaced by new boss areas. For example, the first one against Barrett was like pulling toe nails as a stealth/pacifist run, but the new one fixes this. Now, players can access a second floor, hack controls and setup turrets.

There are some new animations for characters and two energy cells automatically recharge instead of just one. Dialogue trees, however, remain the same, as do augmentations and weapons. Graphics and textures have also been improved.


One of the most interesting new features is the inclusion of nearly eight hours of commentary. Like a film, you can now find out why the developers made the decisions they did. The game director, lead writer, art director and sound director are there to give a lot of new details about their process. Each segment is triggered by the player, and a prompt appears when the player looks at objects or moves into a new area.

One issue with the commentary is that the bits will bleed over the triggers and the player might miss some content by moving too fast. But, a veteran player can afford to take the game slow in order to take in details. The commentary does play during action sequences, so be ready.

New players should absolutely not listen to it as there are tons of spoilers.

New Game Plus

Ever wanted to go through the game as an ultra powerful augmented Jensen? After all, Sarif did give you some of the best augmentations available.  Well–get excited–because now you can, with New Game Plus! Many other RPGs have used this previously, so it’s not a ground breaking feature, but it makes the early game much different. Veterans, you cannot bring in your old save, unfortunately, you must play through the Director’s Cut.

All augmentations and equipment carry over, giving the player toys in areas that were impossible previously–like the soft landing augment in the factory or top level hacking in early game Detroit. Players can explore different styles and make different choices thanks to the safety net provided. The issue of waning difficulty arises, but can be countered by increasing difficulty.

DLC packaging

This might be the coup de gras for the Director’s Cut: The Missing Link is now a part of the main game. What this does is make the narrative more coherent. The Factory Zero achievement is still available, which means the challenge of playing without augs or gear can still be done. However, earned augs may carry over.

Previously, if you wanted to play The Missing Link, you had to exit out of Deus Ex, then start up the DLC. Now, when you reach the point when The Missing Link appears in the chronology, it just proceeds as just another section of the game.

So with a cleaned up game, new content and a low price, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut is well worth it for veterans of the game.