EXCLUSIVE: Howard Scott Warshaw Reveals Atari & Yar’s Revenge News

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Last night, David and I got to sit down with Howard Scott Warshaw, author of “Once Upon Atari: How I Made History by Killing an Industry” and if you’re an old school gamer, you should definitely tune in. Not only did Howard talk about some of the GREAT stories that can be found in the book, he dropped some news about Yar’s Revenge and we got the inside scoop before anyone else.

But you’ll have to tune in below to find out what it is.

We had a fantastic time speaking with Howard and he’ll actually be joining us again on 10/2 to finish our conversation (I had technical difficulties that cut our time short) and while we didn’t get to it this time, we’re DEFINITELY discussing the infamously famous E.T. game when he comes back.

Join us live 10/2/22 at 9pm central for part 2 of this interview and we’re going to talk more about Atari, E.T., and of course, HSW’s book – ‘Once Upon Atari’

Meet Howard in person at Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) on Oct 14-15 and at Free Play Florida in Orlando on Nov 18-20.

You can get more info and autographed copies of the book and DVD at OnceUponAtari.com

Check out the interview

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