How To Use SharePlay on iPad and iPhone

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SharePlay is a new iOS 15 feature incorporated in the extensive FaceTime experience overhaul. There were some problems with the initial releases, but swift Apple fixes allowed users to finally share videos, music, and the entire device display. SharePlay was not limited to Apple devices and you can find it in a plethora of third-party apps such as TikTok and Disney+. 

Moreover, SharePlay is not a straightforward feature on Apple devices; hence we explain how you can seamlessly use the feature on your iPad or iPhone through iOS 15.

Share Your Screen Via SharePlay

If you want to share a hilarious TikTok clip with other iPhone users, you can share your screen via SharePlay. The full-screen option will make the screen clearer and remove session distractions from other unwanted tabs. Follow the steps below to start sharing your screen.

  1. Open “FaceTime.”
  2. Tap the SharePlay icon on the farthest top-right.

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  1. Select “Share My Screen.”
  2. Get the other iPhone users to tap “Open” on the sharing screen. 

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Note that the device hides your notification and FaceTime toolbar once the sharing commences. Nevertheless, you can click the purple icon to restore the FaceTime controls. The other users can now see the entire display on your phone, including any app you open afterward. 

Share Music and Video Via SharePlay

If you have an exciting video or song that you want to share on FaceTime, you don’t need to share your screen. Instead, you can use the music or video app to share the content directly. Here’s how.

  1. Open “FaceTime.”
  2. Head to the app with the content you intend to share. 

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An automatic banner should appear confirming whether you really want to share content with all parties on the call.

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  1. Open the video or song and start playing. 

The content opens on other users’ iPhones or iPad, and playback works perfectly well for every party. 

How to Close SharePlay

Now that you’re done sharing your FaceTime with friends, it’s time to disable the feature. 

  1. Locate and click the “FaceTime” icon to access the call.
  2. Click the “SharePlay” button on the toolbar.
  3. Select “End SharePlay.”

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