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How Do You Upload a File or Folder to Google Drive?

If you have a google account, you can use 15GB of Google Drive’s storage for files and folders. Read on to learn how to upload the files on the cloud storage from your mobile device or PC. 

Upload Files on Google Drive From PC.

  1. Open browser on your PC.
  2. Launch Google Drive.
  3. Sign in to your Google Drive with your Google account details. 
  4. Click the “My Drive” tab on the homepage.

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  1. Choose “Upload Files” for file upload and “Upload Folder” for folders. 

Your computer’s standard window will open.

  1. Select the files you wish to upload to Google Drive.

Use Command on Mac or Ctrl on Windows to select multiple files. 

  1. Once you’re done selecting, click “Open” at the bottom right corner of the window. 

You should see an “Uploading Items” dialog.

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Wait for a green checkmark to confirm that the files are uploaded successfully.

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Upload Files on Google Drive from Smartphone

  1. Launch Google Drive.
  2. Click the “+” sign on the screen. 

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  1. Select “Upload” on the “Create New” prompt.

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The device will list all the possible data sources in your device for you to choose. 

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  1. Open your source.
  2. Tick all the files you want to upload and they will start uploading automatically. 

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