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Best iPhone Apps for 2021

Apple has revealed 2021 apps that helped most users discover creative outlets, connect, tap into personal passions, and simply have fun. The company asserts that the selected apps facilitated a positive cultural impact, innovative technology, and exceptional quality. We’ve highlighted the top iPhone apps the best this year. 

Toca Life World

The Toca World is the best way to let your child visualize their world through the iPhone. You can design a house, star in a sci-fi movie, or just hang out with friends in the Toca life world through the app. This app was ranked the best this year by Apple as it helped kids connect all their standalone Toca life apps into one universe. Besides, you can download the app for free and customize it with whatever options you find interesting. 

Procreate Pocket

The app was developed by Savage interactives and is among the best iPhone apps this year. Procreate Pocket is a digital art app that unlocks your iPhone’s power to combine precision features with portable canvas artistically. The super high-resolution canvases provide perfect pixels even for the finest details. Besides, the app offers more than 130 preset brush textures and a variety of painting styles involving calligraphy pens, charcoal sticks, watercolor, and acrylic. All these features make the Procreate Pocket app surprisingly natural. 


TikTok also appeared among the highest free apps for iPhone this year. The app specializes in short-form video content with musical or comic content. iPhone users have found this app helpful in making crazy creations, music trends, and meme-able videos. Almost everyone with an iPhone has a TikTok account to share videos and watch clips from their contacts and recommendations. 


This is yet another popular app for iPhone users who enjoy photoshoots and editing. Generally, TouchRetouch removes all the unwanted elements in your photos. You can remove all the blemishes on pictures through the app with just a tap. Besides, you can paint out large objects and let the app fill the gap for you. There’s also a line remover that smartly erases cables or powerlines, ruining the background of your photo.  All these can happen on your iPhone if you install the TouchRetouch app. 


At some point, the YouTube app disappeared with the advent of iOS 6. Thankfully, Google made some improvements to enhance the app’s compatibility on iPhones. Millions of iPhone users rely on YouTube for daily videos from favorite celebrities or friends. The app comes for free on iPhone, but you can opt for a premium subscription with an ad-free viewing. YouTube also has a feature that allows you to download content and view them offline, even with a locked screen. 

The Wonder Weeks

Wonder Weeks was named the leading baby app on the iPhone, downloaded mainly by millions of parents as they study their children’s mental development. The app helps you understand the timing and reason for your child’s sudden or unusual cry. It also comes with a diary where you plan everything regarding the child’s development, letting you experience the world through the child’s eyes. 

Apple named these apps, among others, as the best this year due to their rich insights into the users’ lives. Take a look at these apps on your iPhone to get a glimpse of what other iPhone users are experiencing.


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