6 Ways To Secure Your Instagram Account

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With over half a billion people using social networking sites like Instagram, account security has become more crucial than ever. Hacking into Instagram accounts has become more common lately. You may think that this is not the case with Instagram accounts because it’s a secure app, but Instagram itself advises you to exercise caution when using the app. In today’s digital world, Instagram hacking apps like those that EarthWeb provides reviews for are prevalent. And while hacking Instagram accounts may be ethical only in certain instances, you need to make sure that your account is safe from hackers. Fortunately, there are a variety of things you can do to increase your privacy and prevent snooping. Boost your Instagram account’s safety with six simple steps, all discussed in this post!

  1. Avoid Reusing Passwords for Several Accounts and Opt for a Strong One

It’s easy to create a strong password; all you need are lower- and upper-case letters, along with a combination of symbols and numbers. You also need to be aware of the vulnerabilities of your password, such as easy-to-guess ones (your full name, birth date, or a silly one like “password”). Guessing passwords has worked for a lot of smart people. Making a strong password and not using it with all your other social media accounts is yet another basic trick to safeguard all your data.

  1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer to your Instagram’s security. Activate the feature of two-factor authentication, and you will be safe and have peace of mind. That’s because whenever you log in to Instagram, you’ll need an X-digit code that will be immediately sent to your phone number. Instagram supports two-factor authentication. Any potential for your Instagram account to be compromised is wiped out by this method since the authentication code is maintained on your phone.

  1. Don’t Share Your Account With Others

People may give their Instagram credentials for a variety of reasons, including business or partnership. However, if you do this, know that your account is at risk, not because the person you trust might take it away or blackmail you (which could happen), but because the person you share your password with might not be as protective as you. You can easily solve this problem! if you’ve used someone else’s phone to access your Instagram account. Instagram will save your login information by default, so you can sign in with just your email address and password whenever you like. The phone should be cleared of any Instagram information stored there. Simply change your password and log out of all connected devices. Instagram keeps track of your login history, so you can see exactly where you’ve been using the app and from what devices, and you can immediately log out of any account that seems to have been compromised.

  1. Review Your Settings Regularly and Adjust Them As Needed

Reviewing your privacy settings will only do you good. Instagram will always strive to improve the user experience, whether through time spent or security patches and configurations. By checking the security settings, you can enjoy a variety of options related to masking your data. You need to make sure that the app is always up to date. That’s because Instagram might add security patches and new settings. Adding to this, verify that your device’s registered email address and contact number are both current. You’ll get an alert if there’s an issue with your account.

  1. Use a privacy filter to keep your account information private.

Plastic or glass is used to create a filter that sticks to or rests on top of a display phone or laptop screen to enhance privacy. Its function is to make a screen harder to read at an angle other than straight on by making reflected light harder to see. To put it another way, the filter completely obscures the screen from off-center perspectives. You need this to protect your data and messaging activities. 

  1. Delete Old Posts That You No Longer Want To Be Accessible Online

Your history on social media sites like Instagram can put you at risk. Most of the time, when a person intends to do you harm, the very first thing that they’ll look at is your history. The more information a person can gather on you, the more you’ll become vulnerable. So, delete old posts to protect your personal information.

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