Awesome gifts for the music lover in your life

Awesome Gifts for the Music Lover in Your Life

Finding someone who doesn’t enjoy music is hard. However, where some people are casual listeners, others eat, sleep, and breathe music. The best gifts for these kinds of people are ones that integrate their favorite artists into other forms of media.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what to give your loved ones. Get an awesome gift for the music lover in your life that strikes a chord with their deepest desires.

Musical Antiques

Lizzo made waves recently when she played James Madison’s historic glass flute at the Library of Congress. However, the “Truth Hurts” singer isn’t the only one who loves musical antiques. Vintage instruments, recording tools, and listening devices make show-stopping gifts for music lovers everywhere.

When buying musical antiques, make sure to look at factors like age and condition. Just because something is old doesn’t make it valuable. However, a timeless music box or a phonograph from the early 1900s will find a perfect home in any music lover’s collection.

Vintage Band Memorabilia

Iconic bands stand the test of time for their songwriting, live performances, and sense of nostalgia. Whether your friend lives back in the ‘90s grunge scene or loves classic rock, vintage band memorabilia will always hit the right note.

Think posters, set lists, T-shirts, or buttons—if a band sold it from a booth in a musty venue, it’s sure to be an awesome gift for the music lover in your life. If the memorabilia you find is a limited-edition item, your gift is that much cooler.

Vinyl and CDs

Streaming platforms like Spotify changed the way we consume music. Even so, there’s still a population of purists who enjoy tunes the old-fashioned way. Vinyl and CDs are perfect presents for music enthusiasts because they’re accessible.

In general, artists are more successful when they sell physical copies instead of streams. Help the music lover in your life support their favorite acts by gifting them a vinyl or CD. Albums with rare cover art and bonus tracks will have your music-loving friend singing your praises.

Get your gift list ready so that you can hit the holiday sales as soon as they occur. Music fans never miss a moment to expand their collection; adding to their inventory will earn a special place in their hearts and memories. If you can’t find just what you’re looking for or are buying gifts in bulk for all your music-loving friends, consider printed poker cards that you can customize to celebrate their favorite band or artist.

Tickets and Merch

When you get together, your music geek friend may turn the conversation to their idol’s latest album or upcoming tour.

Why not help their dreams come true with tickets to an upcoming concert? While these can be pricey, you can look for upcoming concerts by your gift recipient’s favorite artists on Songkick, an app that keeps you up-to-date on upcoming concert dates. Save up until it’s time to hover over your keyboard for the moment ticket sales open. Another app that every music lover should have is Bandcamp, which makes it easy to discover new artists, follow the ones you love, and support your favorites by buying their music and merch through the app. As soon as they open their present, your friend will throw on the band T-shirt you got them and fill you in on every last detail of their favorite’s latest album.

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