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How to Save Your Water-Logged Smartphone – Infographic

It has happened to just about everyone. Whether it be the swimming pool, the lake, or a trip to the potty gone bad, most everyone has had a run-in with a wet cell phone. While the panic of seeing your $600 smartphone sinking to the bottom of the frat house pool courses through your veins, you are probably scrambling for something..ANYTHING!! you can do to save your precious device. Or maybe you are thinking that you shouldn’t have taken that 8th shot or Patron. Either way, here is a helpful infographic from the folks over at PartSelect that gives you all the information you need to give your phone a fighting chance. Good luck, young grasshopper!

Saving Your Wet Cell – Infographic


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  1. Avatar Mohseen Lala says:

    Water….Mankind’s greatest enemy….

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