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How To Relieve Stress With Gaming

Do you use gaming to unwind after a tough day at work? You’re not alone. Gaming is a creative and dopamine-releasing outlet for stress relief. Games also help you achieve instant goals,  which can help you feel confident and better equipped to manage your mental health. In a recent study, almost 90% of respondents said gaming helped them release stress. Are you looking to relieve stress through the art of gaming? This article will provide tips on using gaming as stress relief.

Relieve stress with gaming

Play Driving Games

Driving games are the perfect way to release stress. They require concentration and focus, which can distract from your current concerns while boosting your memory and coordination. Driving games are also traditionally non-violent and can be comforting, especially if you’re playing tracks you’ve raced before. Racing games also provide the ability to play with friends, which can create social interaction and a sense of community.

Use Role Playing Games (RPG)

Open-world RPG games like Skyrim are a form of escapism, allowing you to engage with a completely different world. They often require you to strategize and problem-solve, which can help you to think critically and use your creative skills. This can help you boost your brain’s performance and capabilities over time while feeling successful as you achieve complex challenges. 

Try Brain-Boosting Games

Brain-boosting games help you to improve your cognitive performance by using creative and critical thinking to overcome puzzles or challenges. Games like Wordle have become increasingly popular as they foster community, allowing you to share daily scores and achievements with friends. You gain a sense of achievement when you overcome brain-boosting games and simultaneously improve your ability to solve real-world challenges.

You could also look at other brain boosting games that could help improve focus and concentration. Things like online solitaire can be very addictive and the perfect mental escape. Focusing on strategy and gameplay is the perfect option to consider when wanting to relieve stress.

Play Board Games

Board games are ideal if you struggle with controlling screen time. They also have several brain-boosting benefits, like reducing the risk of dementia and increasing social interaction. Board games help you to interact and collaborate with other team members, increase patience, and adapt to losing, all in a safe environment.

Tips For Avoiding Stress While Gaming

Gaming is a fantastic way to avoid stress, but there are also a few ways to maximize its strength as a relaxation tool:

  • Control your screen time, and take regular breaks from the screen
  • Avoid stressful games when you feel anxious, like horror or violent games
  • Play with friends and family to increase the sense of social connection.

These simple steps will help you use the power of gaming to improve your anxiety levels.

Invest In Virtual Reality (VR)

Several studies show that virtual reality reduces stress. As a fully immersive game type, you can also use stress-relief methods that mimic the real world, like seeing natural scenes or listening to soothing sounds. VR allows you to temporarily be distracted from your daily life with a game type that requires you to be fully present and in the moment.


Gaming can help to relieve stress and boost cognitive performance. Games that allow you to achieve tasks, like driving games and brain-boosting games, are great for releasing feel-good hormones, while RPG and VR games are a great way of getting immersed and temporarily distracted from daily life. If you find that screen time is hard to control, try engaging in board games with friends and family. Gaming can be a fantastic way to unwind and relieve stress while boosting social interaction and community.

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