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How to Master RuneScape

Back in the early aughts, the worldwide internet made the gaming world lit, thanks to the possibilities brought about by the LAN party possibility. It was at this era that the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) fantasy experience emerged. The new development let you quest and talk with gamers all over, provided you had a semi-decent internet connection to get the ball rolling. The most fantastic MMO drug of choice was RuneScape which saw siblings teaming up to play a few rounds of Gnome Ball, cook an exquisite monkfish, and slay the Corporeal Beast. They were the good old days and the best moments we grew up in, begging for OSRS Gold and yelling strategies immediately we arrived home after school. Most of us have sporadically kept up with the RuneScape game over the years to maintain the OSRS Accounts, and the improvements keep us glued on the journey into Gielinor.

Focus on Your RuneScape Goals

Just like any other exciting MMO, RuneScape has varying objectives across players. Maybe you want to achieve the illustrious Skill Mastery cape, solidify your Legendary Hero status, or make billions of gold, flipping items through Grand Exchanges. You can also decide to be a bit messy and kill the questing players in the wilderness, too, not to mention the holidays, mini-games, duels, and world events. Jagex (RuneScape developers) is still updating the Gielinor, and we expect improvements and new features to spike up the recent mobile launches.

Additional Fan Favorite Features on Old School RuneScape

Despite being the older version of RuneScape 3, OSRS still gains traction surpassing the successor in player count. Perhaps the players are used to the older version or are struggling to master RuneScape 3. The significant traction to this older version made Jagex maintain a continuous update of OSRS with additional content and features such as combat achievements. Nonetheless, most of these players were accustomed to installing third-party software to organize and modernize the game. Others regularly incorporated things like Runelite to track the earned OSRS Gold or define invisible hitboxes. If you are one of these players, you can now rejoice as Jagex recently rolled out a new set of jaw-dropping client features for more of what you relied on third parties or Runelite. One of the most popular features provided by the developers is the agility course hitbox markers. The feature allows you to identify the exact hitbox, making the click-intensive rinds more user-friendly. Also, Jagex provided customizable tile markers, which are extremely important, especially if you are an Iron-Man mode player. It means that you can now use the colored tiles as a base client to solve puzzles and complete mazes.

Proposed OSRS Economy Rework

Jagex studios released a new developer blog in November 2021, proposing some improvements to address the declining economy issue in OSRS. The popular retro’s economy mainly suffers from the lack of either a gold sink or a reliable item sink to help reduce wealth.


One of the proposals is to introduce a 2% tax on the Grand Exchange value to increase gold reduction from the economy as players trade items. 2% is a significant reduction considering that most items sell for billions of gold.

Gold Sink

What would be better than having a literal gold sink? The proposed change by Jagex would allow you to build a gold sink in your Owned House which would require 10 condensed gold, level 47 construction, 5 mahogany planks, and 5 gold leaves. The proposal means that you would have to pay an excess of a hundred million gold to acquire the materials.

Bank Space

OSRS players use banks as their primary storage methods. Therefore, Jagex seeks to improve the hard cap of items you can store in a bank from 816 to 1200. However, you would need to part with almost 900 million gold to acquire the extra bank space.

Pastedgraphic. Png

Costs of each bank storage size upgrades

Item Sink

Incorporating a gold sink into OSRS without a corresponding item sink would be incoherent. Implementing an item sink alongside the Grand Exchange tax would allow Jagex to buy items from players using the tax revenue. This kind of purchase by Jagex would remove the purchased item from the game, reducing the supply without affecting the demand.

Players’ votes will decide whether to implement the proposals. Normally, OSRS major proposed changes undergo a community dictated poll allowing players to vote. Jagex can only implement the proposed changes if they garner at least 75% of the votes. Otherwise, they scrap the proposals or rework and present them for future polls.

The wide range of options to acquire OSRS Accounts has seen numerous beginner players joining the community. As a new player, you should utilize the game’s base client to improve your play quality. Luckily for players, Jagex seems to heed their pleas given the recent updates and versions.

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