Can Fluvoxamine Fight COVID-19 and Depression?

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While it looks like COVID-19 is slowing down greatly, it is necessary to still have solutions to minimize issues and increase quality of life. If we can have it to where COVID-19 is merely a minor issue for many, and not a game of Russian Roulette where individuals flirt with death, then that would be fantastic for everyone. A segment of the world may still feel as though they are walking on eggshells as COVID-19 hospitalizations decline.

But it looks like more solutions are coming to the table, whether it is antibody treatments, Quercetin, and other therapies. Recently, reports indicate that Fluvoxamine may be yet another solution that can provide more relief to the hospital system and mitigate individuals going to the emergency room or Covid units.

Here’s what you need to  know about Fluvoxamine.

What is Fluvoxamine?

This drug is used to help with OCD. It works by mitigating regular thought patterns that lead to actions like excessive hand cleaning, regular counting, and other similar obsessions. These obsessions can create issues with regular life and can create a wide variety of self imposed obstacles.

The drug serves as an SSRI that brings about equilibrium with regard to serotonin.

Fluvoxamine and Joining the Fight Against COVID-19

Recent studies show that Fluvoxamine, a drug that helps with depression  and OCD, lowers the need for further stays at the hospital. This would be another breakthrough in helping to increase quality of life for all as it lowers the complications associated with COVID-19.

This recent study follows other studies done in the past that also showed positive indications that this drug is effective. 

As more therapies such as this come to light, it helps to bring about cost-effective, widespread, and more valuable therapies against coronavirus, making it less of a concern for many.

These therapies will not only be effective in the developed world but will be great for the developing world as well. As more alternative therapies come about, countries do not have to worry about vaccinations alone as the ultimate solution. 

Leaders of nations can turn to these therapies and administer them, especially if they are in significant supply and readily available.



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