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How to Lock Individual Apps on Android

All of our handsets allow us to lock our device with a system-wide password. In the case of Android, there’s slightly more customizability – we get patterns and even facial recognition. But a common problem across all platforms is that we can’t lock specific apps on our device. Many times, the purpose of a lock-code is to protect our privacy and not allow our messages or photos to be accessed by the wrong people. But it’s not very nice if we have to “unlock” the phone every time we use it – even to make simple calls.

Lock individual apps android

Lock Individual Apps on Android

Fortunately, Android’s open nature allows room for a lot of customizability. So, thanks to certain apps, we get the option to lock only certain other apps – like Messages, Whatsapp, or Gallery. One such app is APP Lock, available on the Play Store for free, and downloaded more than 10 million times so far.

So how do you do it? How do you lock out only particular apps on Android? Install the app, and read on.

Step 1:

The first time you launch it, APP Lock asks you to set an unlock password. Enter your password, and hit OK.

Lock individual apps on android

Step 2:

Enter your security question and its answer, and if you wish, a hint as well.

App lock android

Step 3:

You’ll see a few system-wide settings toggles under “Advanced” , followed by a list of your apps on which you can toggle password protection under “General”. Choose the apps you want to lock here, by tapping the lock buttons.

App lock menu

Step 4:

If you wish to use a pattern lock instead of a numerical lock, press the Key icon at the bottom of your screen. You can also go to settings and hide “App Lock” from your app drawer completely, making it accessible only via punching in a code in your dialer.

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Step 5:

You might also want to turn this feature on: In the Advanced section, tap on the Install/Uninstall switch and turn it to “on.” Now App Lock will need a passcode in order to be uninstalled. Without this feature, anyone wanting to access your protected apps could simply uninstall App Lock, and defeat the whole point of this protection. Now, that’s not happening.


Now you have your apps locked, without having to lock your phone. Download App Lock from the Play Store here.

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