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How to join groups on the Telegram with or without an invite link

In this messenger, people communicate on topics of interest to them or publish their content. In this review, we will tell you how to find and connect a group on Telegram with a direct link or via a search. 

How to Discover Open Communities

To do this, you have to follow a few simple actions: 

  1. Let’s open the messenger.
  2. At the top of the main window, there is a search string (the icon “Magnifier” on the right). Write in the name of the group or a keyword describing the topic you are interested in. On your request, the results will appear – in the first part of the most current. For example, if you search for “rental car”, one result will be Dubai Luxury Cars Rental. Here you can detect a company in Dubai in which you can rent a car for a few hours or days. Among them – Evolve. Convenient service and affordable prices allow everyone to hire even a luxury car.
  3. To connect to the selected community, click “Subscribe” or “Join Channel” below the chat.

The second part of the results will display keyword messages from your correspondence history. This instruction is suitable for searching from mobile phones and computers.

Note that the community will not be found if at least one error in the name is made. You can also search for a group by name, which starts with @. Just copy the exact address and you will find the right group by the search engine. Due to the high speed of servers, search requests are processed almost instantly.

Also, groups can be searched through the Internet: 

  1. Enter “group in Telegram” in the search box. 
  2. Open one of the aggregators on which channels are collected by categories. Select the category of interest and then subscribe.
  3. Snap the “Join Channel” button. If it is a private group, wait until the administrator approves your participation. After confirmation, the channel will appear on your list.

How to connect by invitation

  1. If you are already registered on Telegram, you can enter a group from a mobile app or a program on your computer. 
  2. If someone sends you a link and you want to follow the group, snap on it. Usually, it will start with https:/t. me/. 
  3. After this, a link will open in the Telegram app. Next, you just need to click “Join Channel”.

How to Remove a Group from Telegrams

If you want to leave the group over time for any reason, follow these steps: 

  1. Select a group in Telegram. 
  2. Open it. In the chat window, you will see the “Leave Group” button below. Snap-on it. 
  3. From now on, you will no longer receive notifications from there and will also not be able to write yourself.
Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, how to join groups on the telegram with or without an invite link, internet

Groups vs channels: in what is diversity?

They can be public or private. In private groups it is allowed, in principle, to publish what is useful, as long as there is no propaganda about terrorism and other illegal actions. 

Groups in Telegrams are like chats on social networks or messengers. The maximum number of participants in the group is no more than 200,000 people. Theoretically, all participants can post something and leave comments, but the administrator has the right to set permissions. They can be used to support online students, communicate within teams, and organize thematic communities. They can be used for direct communication between business and customers, service and users, media and operators. They can form a loyal community.

Channels are like Facebook pages or blogs. An unlimited number of people can become members of the channel. However, only the administrator can publish something. Participants cannot participate in surveys, like, and comment if it’s not allowed under the post. Messages are not lost in the feed – the subscriber can open the channel at any time and read them. Channels are usually created for one-way communication in business, media, and blogging. Subscribers only consume information.

Important: All members can complain about the content. If there are many such complaints, the group or channel can be blocked. So administrators should take this into account when creating new publications and message moderation.

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