Where should you put a desk in your home?

Where Should You Put a Desk in Your Home?

Computers are one of our greatest sources of connection in the modern world. We use them to relax with games and video calls, study for school, and get our work done. In order to make all those activities more effective and give your computer the space it needs, you need a desk. But depending on the size of your space and the size of your computer, you may not know where to put one in your home. You may not think you can even afford one.

Luckily, if you study your home’s layout and take advantage of furniture financing, you can find the room and the budget for a desk. Keep reading to learn where you should put a desk in your home, so it’s optimized for all your gaming, schooling, and work responsibilities.

A Home Office

The ideal space for a desk is inside a home office. In a home office, you can close the doors and focus on what you’re doing, whether that’s gaming, studying, or working. The entire space is optimized for work, blocking out distractions and helping you focus. It gives you the freedom to be loud while you game, play music while you study, and join video calls at work without disturbing the other people in your household. If you have a designated home office space or a bonus room that you can convert into a home office, this is where you should place your desk.

The Living Space

If your home doesn’t have designated office space or a bonus room that could become an office, then you can put your desk in your living space. This is helpful if the desk or computer is used by multiple family members or if you want to be involved in your household’s activity while gaming, studying, or working. However, since living spaces are communal, you may also get easily distracted. If you must put your desk here, then try to place it in an alcove or other slightly separated section that will give you some privacy and eliminate distractions. Consider room dividers if you have the space and money.

Your Bedroom

Many people put their desks in their bedrooms so they can have privacy. While this is certainly a viable option, especially if your computer is primarily used for video games and personal video calls, experts suggest avoiding this option for those working from home. Putting your desk in your bedroom brings anyone who video calls you from work into your personal space, and further blurs the definition between work and home. Constantly seeing your work computer, even when you’re in bed, can be distracting as well. If this is the only option you have, try to use room dividers or something similar to create a specific office area that you only use for work.

So, where in your home should you put your desk? Ideally, in a designated home office or bonus room that you’ve turned into an office. If you don’t have this space, consider your living room. And if you have no other option, you can put your desk in a designated workspace in your bedroom. Wherever you put your desk, make sure you have the space to game, study, and work to the best of your abilities.

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