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How to Identify Good PCB Design Companies?

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the primary elements of electronic components. They are crucial for various industries and most people use them in their everyday life. There are a huge number of applications for the PCBs about which we would discuss today. PCBs are boards used to connect electronic components. 

They are an important part of the electronic items that you use regularly. PCBs are made of non-conductive material. They have pads, lines, and features carved from the copper sheets. They connect the electric components electrically within a particular product. Elements like resistors and capacitors are joined into some of the PCBs. 

The use of PCBs in the electronic field is widespread and there are multiple types of PCBs available. They can be multilayer, single-sided or double-sided. They can even be flexible, rigid, or comprise of both flexible and rigid parts. When you want to design your PCB, you should consider several important factors. 

These factors would include the type of software to use, type of printed circuit board, and many others. You can contact TronicsZone who provides a wide range of engineering services that include Electronic Manufacturing Services, Embedded Systems Design, PCB Design, and others.

Common uses for PCBs

Different sectors use PCBs and you can find them in small consumer devices to large pieces of machinery. Some of the common applications of PCB are as follows:

  • Medical devices 

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The usage of PCBs has been increasing constantly in the healthcare sector. The PCBs are a result of technological advances that bring in new capabilities. They play a big role in manufacturing devices that are used for monitoring, diagnostics, treatments, and others. 

While producing these medical PCBs, special attention is required for confirming the reliability and accuracy of the products. Proper functioning of the medical devices is mandatory. PCBs used for implants should even meet the set standards of sanitization. Medical PCBs are made of high-density interconnect.

  • LEDs 

LEDs are popular as lighting technology that is used for commercial and well as residential lighting. Industries like computer technology, medical, automotive extensively used the LED lights for compactness, long life, and energy efficiency. PCBs have an important role in LED applications. 

They transfer the heat away from the bulb. High temperatures tend to decrease the average life span of LEDs. PCBs that are used in LEDs are made of aluminum and it can transfer heat better than any other metals. It is because of the PCBs, that the LEDs do not require any extra heat sink and their design remains compact.

  • Consumer electronics