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How To Grow Poppies in North Texas

If you live in Texas or have visited it, there’s a chance you might be familiar with the phrase everything seems bigger in Texas. If you have driven from one part of the state to another, you might have realized how accurate the statement is. Texas is distinct in its way. Be it in culture or in climate, it is different from the rest. 

When it comes to gardening, there is nothing as attractive as the intriguing poppies. And of course, growing poppies in Texas is a bit tricky. It is because they have a tough time naturalizing due to the fire ants. As a source of food for fire ants, saving them during the summers can be next to impossible. 

But you can certainly start growing them closer to the fall and near to the winter season. If you are interested in growing these plants in the North Texas area, read on.

5 Steps You Can Do To Grow Poppies in North Texas

There are a few ways you can grow poppies in North Texas without a hassle. Without further ado, let us take a look at how you can simply grow poppies in the North Texas area.


#1. Sow them by seed in fall

Most people plant poppies in spring. However, the best time to sow them by seed is in the mid-fall. There are various types of poppies that you can plant.

When they do start to grow into a plant, you can see that they present a significant portion of seeds. Poppy seeds are tiny and found in a large number. To seed them in the fall, grab some seeds and throw them in the yard. These seeds may not immediately grow but will start to become plants over the course of several years. You will start to see some in the first year or may start to see quite a bit!

It can vary on several factors.

You can see that they are starting to grow when you start to see blue leaves.


#2. Plant them in late September

Aside from preparing your seeds and buying planters (like the ones from Outdoor Art Pros) that match your vibe and aesthetic, it is also important to determine when you should start planting your seeds. For best results, you may start planting them in mid-September.


#3. Use fine sand

For scattering the seeds, mix them with fine sands and then plant them. Press the soil gently with your hands. Ensure not to cover them as seeds need light to germinate. 


#4. Keep up the moisture content

The poppies seed takes approximately 4 weeks to germinate. With the right moisture level, the poppy plant will grow through the winter and bloom in spring. 


#5. Save them for later

When spring is about to finish, and the seed heads start to turn brown, save them for next year. Use a plastic bag or a glass. 


Poppies are Fantastic

In a nutshell, poppies are beautiful on their own. And yes, they are tricky to deal with. By following the steps above, you can become a pro in no time. So, why wait any longer. Start to master those gardening skills today!

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