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How to Game Share on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has a little-known feature that enables you to install one digital game copy on multiple devices. Read on to learn more.

What is Game Sharing?

In-game sharing, you use a single digital game copy across multiple consoles just like you do with the physical game copy. Game sharing is useful for families with many consoles or groups of friends playing the same game. 

Since the digital game purchases are made on a Nintendo account, you only need a single Nintendo account between the two devices sharing the game. However, you have to classify the different consoles to make the process easier. Therefore, you should register one of the devices as the primary console and the other as the secondary console to enable game sharing. 

As the name suggests, the primary console has full access (online and offline) to all the games linked to the account. On the other hand, the secondary console must have reliable internet coaction to play the shared game seamlessly. Note that you can’t play the same game simultaneously on both consoles when using the same Nintendo Account. 

Game Sharing on Nintendo Switch

The game sharing process is easy and involves the steps below on both devices.  

  1. Once the game is installed, boot up the Switch. 
  2. Click the “store” button at the bottom of the “Home” screen to access the Nintendo eShop.
  3. Select the account with your preferred games.
  4. Click on the player icon on the top right corner.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the “Primary Console” option. 
  6. Click “Deregister” if you want to make the console a secondary device. 
  7. Go to the second Nintendo Switch and log into the same account.
  8. Go to “Systems Settings.”
  9. Click “Add User.”

The step will register the device as the Primary console.

  1. 10.Now re-download the game you want from the eShop.

If you want to swap the primary and secondary accounts, simply deregister the Primary account, and the permissions will change automatically. 

Caveats of Game Sharing

Game sharing saves you a lot of money that you could spend on acquiring first-party Nintendo titles. Some of the most popular tags on the platform would require about $60 each, although digital games often retail for cheaper due to their frequent sales. 

Some of the few caveats to game sharing on Nintendo include the need for a reliable internet connection to play. The connection is required for Nintendo to perform an online verification as it launches the software to ensure that you own the game. 

Another limitation is that you cannot play the same game simultaneously when using the same account. You will need to create a second account on the secondary device and select it as you play. In this case, you can run the game simultaneously. However, you need a second Nintendo Switch subscription to play online multiplayer together. 

Another obstacle you have to overcome in game sharing is the need to play together on one console or play online. Game sharing does not work for local multiplayer gameplay as the local play involves turning off the internet modem. 

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