64-Bit Raspberry Pi OS Is Here, Download It Now

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The long wait for the Raspberry Pi 64-bit processor is over. The Raspberry Pi OS has remained a 32-bit version for so long that hopes of any improvements had started to dwindle. Last year’s introduction of the 64-bit OS revived some hope, but again the new version seemed to stick in beta for longer than expected. The good news is that the latest version is now available for everyone to download. 

Raspberry Pi’s Gordon Hollingworth was the first to post about the developments explaining how the company had been trialing the beta in the 64-bit and reached a point where they had to open it up to a broader audience. 

But why did it take the company so long to release the latest version to the public? Going by the company’s blog post, there was a need to focus on the version’s compatibility across different devices. In the meantime, they had to withhold the 64-bit and stick with the lighter 32-bit version. The company also asserts that its objective of avoiding customer confusion from device incompatibility has been the main driver for building the Raspberry Pi OD releases on the 32-bit Raspbian platform. 

Now that the 64-bit version is available for download, you still need to meet some criteria to enjoy. You need a gadget with the correct processor to support the latest operating system. The devices with compatible processor include Pi Zero 2, Pi 4, or Pi 3. 

If you qualify, head to the download page to install the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS on your device. Nothing new with the installation process, so it’ll be easy enough to acquire the latest OS version up and running.

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