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Finally: Windows 11’s Multi-Monitor Taskbar Clock Is Almost Here

Microsoft has listened to users’ queries on some of the shortcomings in the latest Windows 11 operating system. Finally, the company has recognized these issues and is set to release updates to fix them. On February 10, Microsoft announced that it was finalizing the update to bring back the date and time to the taskbar on multiple monitors. 

A preview build in late 2021 highlighted the return of these crucial features on multiple monitors. Now, the company has confirmed that it will release the update to the Beta and then to Release preview channels. In other words, the update will be available to all users soon. Generally, it takes a few dates after the Beta version is released for the update to come to all users. 

However, the bringing back the time and date to the taskbar of multiple monitors doesn’t address all the problems in Windows 11 taskbar. Other updates meant to bring Windows 11 taskbar up to par with its predecessor, are still needed. Nonetheless, the update would signify a significant step in the right direction to enhance Windows 11 experience for all users. It remains crucial for Microsoft to get everything right, especially on the taskbar, as it is a critical part of how we interact with our machines. 

Other taskbar features making their way to the Beta and Release builds include the mute option. The feature was previously added to the Dev channel and came with minor tweaks and fixes to fit the new version.  

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