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How to Copy & Paste Between Windows & Android

The recently updated Microsoft SwiftKey allows you to sync your clipboard across all Windows and Android devices. It means that if you have SwiftKey on your Android device, you can copy and paste any text between your device and Windows computer. The new feature comes in handy for all SwiftKey users relieving them the stress of emailing themselves phone numbers, addresses, and website links.

The new update is now available to everyone after the beta version of Microsoft SwiftKey, released in August, performed exceptionally. Now, we have Cloud Clipboard as the new feature in this latest update that pushes SwiftKey to version

Since the Cloud Clipboard feature isn’t enabled by default, you have to learn how to activate and use it on your device. First, your PC must be running the 2018 Windows 10 or a later version. Besides, the feature must be running smoothly on both platforms before you copy-paste.

Activate Cloud Clipboard on Android

To run the Cloud Clipboard on your Android device, you must ensure that you are running the latest version of Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. Then, follow these steps;

1. Open SwiftKey

2. Choose Rich Input

3. Click Clipboard

4. Toggle the option labeled “Sync clipboard history to the cloud.”

Now, you’ll be prompted to create or log in to your Microsoft account.

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Activate Cloud Clipboard on Windows

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Systems

3. Click Clipboard

4. Enable Clipboard History

5. Turn on Sync Across Devices

By now, the clipboards in your Microsoft account should be synced.

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Points Worth Noting

  1. Check for your copied text on the SwiftKey prediction bar, where you can quickly paste it on your device.
  2. The text you copy from your device will only remain in the clipboard for only an hour, after which it will be deleted automatically.
  3. The data you copy is encrypted, meaning that it is not stored or processed by the SwiftKey service and has no association with your Microsoft account.
  4. You can only use Microsoft Account and not Hotmail or Outlook to run Cloud Clipboard. Also, Cloud Clipboard doesn’t allow Google, Microsoft work, or other email accounts.
  5. Cloud Clipboard only functions for Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard on Android and not iOS.
  6. You can sync your Clipboard between Android devices, provided you have the appropriate SwiftKey versions.

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