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How to Claim Money From Apple Settlement: 2023 Guide to Get Up to $400

As one of the most popular brands in the world, Apple needs no introduction for its products and services. But if you are an Apple customer who relies on the tech giant’s solutions, you need to keep tabs on the lawsuit settlements that the company keeps dealing with.

The latest development of this kind allows you to claim up to $400 from Apple’s settlement of a class-action lawsuit regarding faulty keyboards in MacBooks. The following details guide you on how to claim money from Apple settlement 2022 updates.

What is the Apple 2022 Class-action Lawsuit About?

The Apple 2022 class-action lawsuit claims that Apple knew about the faulty design of its 2015 MacBook butterfly keyboard. When the 12-inch MacBook was released with the butterfly design keyboard, a significant portion of users immediately registered complaints about the keys not being pressed properly. 

While Apple introduced a repair program to replace the butterfly keyboards with new ones, it did not proceed to admit that there was a design flaw in the keyboard. The company also went on to replace the keyboards in later models with a previously-used mechanism called scissor-switch. 

The lawsuit vowed to prove its allegations that Apple was aware of the faults in the butterfly design’s keyboard but did not inform its customers about it. However, Apple settled the lawsuit in return for compensation for those customers who had to get repairs for the particular type of keyboard.

How to Claim Money From Apple Settlement: 2022 Butterfly Keyboard Claims

In order to qualify for the Apple settlement for the MacBook butterfly keyboard, you need meet the following criteria. 

  • You bought your MacBook between 2015-2019.
  • You had to get repairs for your keyboard or keycaps. 
  • Your MacBook model falls under these categories.

The amount of your compensation depends upon how many times you have had to replace your keyboard. If you had your MacBook keyboards replaced more than once, you can get under $400. If you had a single keyboard replacement, you can get up to $125. However, if you had individual keys replaced, you can get as much as $50.

If these conditions match your experience, you can submit your claim on this website

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