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How To Be Thankful After Thanksgiving

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen quite a bit of lethargy in ourselves, friends, and families. It can be quite easy to forget to be thankful in these times. It may have felt quite dreary at times where it felt like there was nothing to giving thanks for at that time.

It did not feel so great to be cooped up, hearing about a wide variety of issues that were taking place within the world. Indeed, a constant barrage of news and outrage on Twitter and Facebook would not have provided for a great time.

Despite the disasters, living a healthy life is a miracle indeed. 

Therefore, it makes us wonder, are we thankful enough? Of course, it is natural to feel overwhelmed in times of distress. But we can always take control over our circumstances and change our situation. 

Did you know grateful people tend to sleep better? Yes, according to the stats, they get fewer aches and have a better immune system. Here are three best tips that you can practice to be more thankful.


Three Tips on How To Be Thankful

Here a few tips to stay thankful during these times and in general.


Remember three good things every night

Every night, remember three good things that happened during the day and say them out loud. It doesn’t have to be something big. Remember even the tiniest thing that made you happy. Express gratitude out loud. This helps you to improve your mood and it will also help you notice the little things that are going right for you.


Keep a gratitude journal

After you have said them out loud, note them in your journal. Write down your blessings and discuss why they made you happy. This is where the gratitude journal comes into the picture and can make a significant difference. The journal can help you find out which


Express gratitude to everyone around you

Make a habit of appreciating and expressing thankfulness to everyone you meet. Thank your partner or room mates for doing the dishes, thank your children for being obedient, or thank your colleagues for being supportive. Make a habit of letting people know how they made you happy. And most importantly, thank yourself for developing a new habit of expressing gratitude. 


Gratitude is Essential

To sum it up, life works in unexpected ways. You can make as many plans as you want, but the universe has a different plan. It’s necessary to be thankful so you can handle everything life throws your way. 


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