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Resident Evil Village Lock Pick Guide

This Resident Evil Village lock pick guide will help you find valuable items to unlock extra goodies and enhance survivability. As you advance through the stages, the resources become scarce, making it a big mistake to skip any locked drawer. In the Resident Evil Village game, you will need whatever you can find, including the art to pick locks and unlock everything there is.

Lockpick Locations in The Resident Evil Village (RE8) Game

The picking art involves exploring the village with a keen eye for these locks, and you’ll indeed find them. Most importantly, you would need to pick these locks at the earliest in the game since some of the cabinets and drawers are only available once, and you wouldn’t want to miss your chances.

Old Town

Simply head to the Old Town between the East and West Old Town on the map. Use your blade to cut through the locked door and find a lockpick in the shack on your right.

Castle Dumitrescu

Castle Dumitrescu is an iconic location in the RE8 with three lockpicks and drawers, creating a quick opportunity to enhance survivability. The first easy-to-pick lock is in the hallway next to the Castle’s kitchen at the table with a lamp. The same hallway has the locked drawer with the vital Wooden Angel Statue.

Find another lockpick by climbing up the attic, turning left, eliminating the zombie, and opening the boxes near the lamp.

The lockpick hidden in the armory is the most convenient in the Castle. You see it placed on top of a table at the corner immediately you access the armor. Unlock the second drawer in the room beside the bed-chamber to acquire shotgun ammo. Additionally, the third drawer in the Castle’s Upper Opera Hall provides Sniper Rifle Ammo.

Garden Area

The garden area has a lockpick, but you’ll have to battle numerous zombies to get to the shack opposite the garden. Here, the shotgun will come in handy as you eliminate the zombies one after the other. Check for another lockpick at the shack’s window fill.

Lockpicks Wells

The RE8 also has lockpick locations in two wells, one in the West Old Town and another in the Craftsman hut. Locate the West Old Town well on your map and remove a basket with the lockpick from the water. Get to the second well on the western corner of the village and use a ladder to climb down for another lockpick.

The Heisenberg Factory

Find one lockpick in a cupboard at the Factory’s basement and another at the room after the Operating Room. Note that the hallway leading to the Operating Room also has a locked drawer with a Yellow Quartz. Still in the Heisenberg quarters comes another locked cabinet, at the exit of B4 floor, with Magnum Ammo. All these treasures are crucial as you confront the mutant creatures filled in the village. 

These are some known locations, but the rule of thumb is to ensure that the area has turned blue to prove that you’ve really picked the lock. If cabinets and respective lockpicks show a red on the map, it means they still hold a secret for you to uncover. Therefore, you should click to examine the locked treasure and select the lockpick from the inventory menu pop-up. No more worries about perfect timing or minigames as the drawer seamlessly unlocks once Ethan picks a lock.

With the option to buy lockpicks becoming obsolete, the only way to unlock drawers is to find lockpicks in the Resident Evil Village. This guide provides you with the quickest itinerary to ensure you don’t skip cabinets or waste any lockpick you already have. The more the lockpicks, the more the available treasure chests to unlock, and the higher the survivability. 

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