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How to Ask for Recommendations on LinkedIn

Although LinkedIn recommendations are found at the bottom of your account page, it should be the first thing you consider if you want to perfect your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has almost 800 million users and is more effective at generating leads than Twitter and Facebook. Having LinkedIn recommendations can boost connections with other members, promote your brand, and generate more business leads. 

What are LinkedIn Recommendations?

They are written testimonials from people you have worked with about you and what you do. Unlike endorsements which are a click away, LinkedIn recommendations are more detailed and resemble the references you include in your CV. Essentially, the written testimony explains why you are the best for a certain position and your key strengths. 

How to Ask for Recommendations on LinkedIn

When you want a recommendation from your connections, the first step is to remind them about the time and place you worked together. This will help them provide genuine feedback about your collaboration and strengths. Also, guide them on the aspect of cooperation you want them to emphasize. Once you’re done messaging your connections, hit “send” and wait for them to send the recommendation. 

Remember to thank the person for the recommendation and post it on your profile if you’re content with it. Notably, the recommendation section has an “ask for revision” option to ask the person to reword or improve the recommendation. Be sure to follow up if you don’t receive the recommendation within a month of sending your request. The person may not have seen your request, or they have been too busy to let you know they received it. 

Since LinkedIn is a community, you should have the community spirit when requesting or writing a recommendation. A perfect recommendation will help craft an appealing LinkedIn profile that makes you or your brand stand out.  

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