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How technology can make finding a home in Sacramento easier

Technology is shaping every aspect of our lives, real estate included. If you’re ready to buy a home in Sacramento, whether it’s your first, your last, or something in between, you can bet that technology will be there to lend a helping hand. But in what ways can technology make it easier to both find and choose one of the many homes for sale in Sacramento CA? This blog will hopefully make things a little clearer for you.

Virtual reality tours

It’s not always possible to go and see a home in person, particularly if you don’t currently live in Sacramento. Equally, sometimes when you turn up to see a home in person, it looks nothing like the photographs, making for a wasted trip. Virtual reality tours can help you to get a more accurate picture of the home you’re buying by allowing you to ‘walk’ through a place from the comfort of your own home. VR tours are only possible if you have a VR headset, but if not, many home listings will now have at least a 360 view of the place that you can look at on your computer screen.

Drone photography

Ever thought about what the roof of your home looks like? With drone photography, you’ll be able to see every angle of a place. While this might not seem essential, it will give you a much better idea of the overall size of your home as well as the surrounding area. You’ll be able to easily see how far the garden stretches, what your potential neighbors’ homes look like as well as any nearby amenities. This really helps you to visualize yourself living there and is perfect for homebuyers who won’t be able to travel down and view a home before they buy it.

Augmented reality furnishing

If you’re planning to take furniture with you to a new Sacramento home, you might be wondering whether it will fit or how it will look when arranged. While you might be willing to get rid of some pieces that don’t fit, that antique cabinet your grandma gave you is non-negotiable. Augmented reality can help you digitally place your furniture within the rooms of your new home, so you’ll be able to get a great understanding of how the place will look when it’s yours.


There was a time when you’d have to constantly travel back and forth from your real estate agent’s office, signing paperwork and checking contracts. Thanks to DocuSign, that’s no longer the case and you’ll be able to sign everything digitally. The platform gives you the option of using a ready-made signature or you can import your own digitally created signature into the document you’re signing. You’ll also be able to keep track of all your signed documents in your account and receive updates when other parties have added their signature as well.

Buying a home in Sacramento doesn’t have to be hard, even if you live outside of California. Technology can make the process so easy these days, so make sure you ask your real estate agent what’s available.

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