8 Types of Android Apps to Delete Right Away

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Improve your phone memory and security by deleting these types of Android apps. 

Downloading different apps on your phone is one of the convenient ways to enhance your experience. Google Play Store has probably an app for most of your needs. However, convenience also comes with a risk that could significantly affect your phone’s performance. 

If you’ve used your phone for more than a year, it likely has tons of apps, some of which you use daily and others you rarely open. Check out this guide to know which app to keep and which one to uninstall for your own good. 

  1. Old Utility Apps

Android has made notable improvements since it launched in 2008. Initially, the software didn’t incorporate built-in apps, and users had to download them separately. They included a screen dimmer, media player, screen recorder, QR scanner, flashlight, etc. 

Thankfully, you no longer need to download these apps separately as the functionality is now built-in on Android phones. However, Android Stock users might still need to download some apps, but Google has solved most of these problems. So, if you still have these utility apps on your phone, they’re redundant, and you need to remove them immediately to create some space and avoid any security vulnerability. 

  1. Bloatware Apps

Android users unanimously hate bloatware despite some of the apps being useful. If your phone has unnecessary pre-installed apps, you should uninstall them now. 

Note that you can’t uninstall some of the bloatware apps that form part of the Android skin. The best way to deal with such apps is to disable them to ensure they don’t run in the background. 

  1. Performance Booster Apps

You might have come across recommendations to download a performance booster app to speed up the Android process. This is bad advice, and installing such an app is counterproductive in the long run. Apps such as game optimizers, battery savers, and RAM cleaners adversely impact your device’s usability. 

For instance, a RAM cleaner app stops many processes, even those essential for your phone’s normal functions. Besides, a forcefully closed app will take longer to load the next time you try to open it. 

The same happens with battery saver apps which are redundant since modern Android devices come with a built-in battery saver that out-performs any third-party app. The list goes on and on. Just do yourself a favor and uninstall any app you downloaded to boost your phone’s performance. 

  1. Old Productivity Apps

If your phone has outdated productivity apps, delete them and instead, rely on built-in ones like Gmail, Google Calendar, Meet, Slides, Sheets, Docs, and Keep. 

Google now incorporates better productivity apps that you really don’t need to download one. Notably, most apps are pre-installed on your device, so you only need to find and utilize them. This way, you won’t add load to your phone memory or install malware in the guise of a third-party productivity app. 

  1. Hyperactive Social Media Apps 

While we’re not here to school you, you need to eliminate social media apps that take a massive amount of your time. In the US alone, people spend an average of three hours on social media daily, and the number keeps rising. 

Unless you’re working on a project, spending much time on different social media apps is unwise and can lead to addiction. Identify apps that take much of your productive time and uninstall them, if possible. Alternatively, you can set up an app timer to improve self-discipline and drastically reduce your screen time. 

  1. Apps That Perform the Same Functions

It’s common to find Android users with several apps performing similar functions. This includes messaging apps, backup apps, note-taking apps, browsers, and more. Most users keep both apps as they provide different features. 

But you should identify the app that gives you a better experience and eliminate the other. For example, Galaxy devices come with Google Chrome and Samsung Internet browsers. Choose the best as your default and uninstall the other. 

  1. Apps You No Longer Use

It’s easy to forget uninstalling apps after using them. In addition to the ones discussed in this guide, there are other apps that you no longer use but haven’t uninstalled yet. They may include fitness apps that didn’t work out for you, meditation apps that aren’t as good as an in-person session, and dating apps that won’t give you a perfect match. 

  1. Old Games

Uninstall the Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Plants vs. Zombies games that you no longer play. Sure, the games are still great for some, but if you’re no longer interested, there’s no point in keeping them on your Android device. 

Sure, you have much to be optimistic about regarding the modern gaming experience. Modern smartphones are more powerful and faster for any game you are interested in, thanks to advancements in AR, VR, and 5G. The point here is to get rid of old games you no longer play that could be taking a massive space on your phone. 

Simply uninstall the old games to create room for many better and newer mobile games. 

Delete Unnecessary Apps

Uninstalling or disabling apps discussed here is one way to boost your Android phone’s performance and security. Without these apps, the device will have more storage space, put less pressure on the processor, decongest your app drawer and save battery life.

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