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How Hackers Stole 50 High Profile FIFA 22 Accounts

If you’re an active FIFA 22 owner, beware of hackers targeting these accounts. So far, a threat actor has accessed about 50 accounts mainly owned by the world’s top players. FIFA 22 publisher, EA, has confirmed these reports and is working on restoring the accounts to the rightful owners and closing the loophole. 

Check for any updates to ensure that you implement new security measures that seek to protect every account holder. 

How Did FIFA 22 Accounts Breach Occur?

The recently reported hacks occurred after attackers used social engineering techniques to target selective FIFA 22 player accounts. Essentially, the attack involved evading the two-factor verification and resetting login information in the process. 

EA added that the attackers used this opportunity to gain more information about the account holders without providing further details. 

EA acknowledged some breaches in FIFA 22 accounts and said it was restoring the accounts. However, it noted that the restoration and counter-measure process could take some time. 

New EA Measures to Protect FIFA Player Accounts

After the high-profile accounts’ breach, EA has implemented new security and administrative safeguards to enhance account protection further.

From now on, account verification will involve additional steps such as mandatory approval from managerial on any email change requests. 

EA advisors will also undergo a retraining program emphasizing phishing techniques and account security practices. The main objectives of this retraining program will be based on the phishing and social engineering techniques used in the attacks. 

EA will upgrade its user interface software to limit errors in account management processes, highlight at-risk accounts, and better flag suspicious activity. 

These measures will provide relief for the FIFA 22 players whose accounts were breached. 

Can A Two-Factor Authentication App Help?

Whenever you hear about an account breach, you wonder what level of security the owners used. Weren’t they using two-step verification?

However, in this case, attackers understood the dynamics of FIFA 22 accounts and orchestrated a plan to beat every obstacle. In attacks of this nature, hackers conduct in-depth research about an account noting critical elements such as account holder’s date of birth, phone numbers, linked email address, and answers to secret questions. Then they contact EA directly and convince the support that they’re the actual account owners seeking to gain access.

The convinced staff resets the account’s two-step verification, rendering it useless even for the original account owner. The attackers’ work is simplified as they easily gain access, and the rest is a walk in the park.  

Keep Your FIFA 22 Account Safe

After reading the baits used by these attackers, you shouldn’t worry much about your FIFA 22 account. Notably, the hackers focused on the top FIFA 22 players for a reason- their accounts are likely full of rare FIFA Ultimate Team cards, FIFA points, and more. This combination makes the players a high-profile alluring opportunity. 

It does not mean that regular players are safe. Take the measures pointed out below to be on the safe side. 

  1. Set a strong and unique password for your FIFA 22 account.
  2. Enable two-step verification on EA accounts.
  3. Set random and nonsense answers to your security questions to divert potential attackers. 

It’s also advisable to never share your FIFA 22 login information with anyone, even if they claim to be from EA. If you receive such a request through email or text, consider it a phishing attempt to breach your account.

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