10 AWESOME Alexa Games That Are Fun for the Whole Family

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There’s more to Alexa than simply controlling your smart home. You can also play Alexa games in your leisure time with other family members. Amazon’s home assistant has turned out to be a hub for pretty awesome games, including lots of classics available on other platforms. 

Whether you want to have fun on a solo game or with kids, there’s something for everyone. Read on to discover 10 fascinating Alexa games that are fun for the entire family. 

  1. Akinator

Akinator is the game that will keep you laughing all day. It emerges as an intelligent Genie that knows weird things about your and other family members. 

Say the “Alexa, open Akinator” command to get started on the game. The game starts with random questions about a person you could be thinking of. The more questions you answer, the better Akinator can guess the person on your mind.

Akinator’s ability to guess anyone from cartoon characters to historical figures to celebrities is incredible. When you involve kids in the game, they develop their creative and critical thinking skills. 

  1. The Fake News Game

As the name suggests, the game gives you a chance to scrutinize fake news stories and conspiracy theories to prove your news savvy.

Start the game by saying the “Alexa, open Fake News Game” command. The game starts with a series of questions about weird news headlines. Your task will be to choose which of the provided headlines is actual news or fake news. 

The ridiculous headlines are enough to make you laugh on your own, and you’ll be amazed at how much of these are actually true. You can invite friends and family to join the game and have fun together. 

  1. The Magic Door

The Magic Door game lets you choose your own adventure style. This is a great family-friendly game that provides nine different storylines depending on what everyone at your home prefers.

Simply say the “Alexa, open The Magic Door” command and choose to save monkeys on a tropical island or explore a spooky mansion. 

Note that the game has different stories, providing plenty of replay value. Although kids may find some of these storylines spooky, they shouldn’t fret when playing with adults as the game doesn’t go to the extremes. 

  1. Hunt the Yeti

You should easily get along with this audio-only game if you’ve played the classic text adventure, Hunt the Wumpus. You also know what a fun and challenging game it can be. 

Simply put, the game involves a hunter who hides in a cave trying to hunt a yeti. The twist in the game is that you have to direct the hunter on which way to throw the spear using voice recognition and memory.

Say “Alexa, open Hunt the Yeti” to get started. 

Hunt the Yeti is a fantastic option for all family members seeking to play an enjoyable game. 

  1. Song Quiz

If you think you’re a music guru, you should test your expertise with the Song Quiz. Simply say “Alexa, open Song Quiz” command and pick from the different playlists ranging from the oldies to modern hits. The game will play a song from the category you chose, and you’ll have to guess the song’s title and artist. 

Families with music lovers find this game so exciting because it gets them thinking about music all the time. You can also use the game to play the music that the entire family will find enjoyable. 

  1. True or False for Family

True of False happens to be the simplest Alexa game in the bunch and the most fun. 

Simply say “Alexa, open True or False” command to play the game. While playing the game, some of the statements you should expect include, “the sky is blue,” or tricker ones like “Bears wear underwear.”

Your role will be to answer true or false to every statement your get. Kids find this game thrilling as it sets not-so-difficult questions that keep them thinking. It’s also an excellent way for family members to learn some fun trivia they didn’t know of before. 

Adults too enjoy the game as it keeps them thinking about the world around them and other random facts. Try True or False if you’re looking for something quick and easy.

  1. Either Or

Either Or is a friendly game and a fantastic multiplayer choice. Simply say “Alexa, open Either Or” command to get started with easy questions like “Would you rather pee every 20 minutes or have to smell flowers all day?”

Note that the questions get trickier as you proceed, just like it’s the case in the classic “Would You Rather” game. The Either Or game is perfect for family game night to keep members and friends thinking about some pretty outlandish scenarios. 

  1. Categories Game

Categories Game is another classic to stretch your mind and test your knowledge. 

Follow the steps below to play the Categories game

  1. Open Alexa app for Android or iOS.
  2. Enable Alexa Skills.
  3. Search and enable “Categories Game.”
  4. Now say, “Alexa, open Categories Game.”

The game starts with a set of categories and a letter to guide you as you create words matching the letter in each category within a set time. 

The game’s fast pace makes it fun as you and other members get the creative juice flowing as you test your knowledge. Besides, the game displays the score for each player so you can see who’s leading in every round. 

  1. Trivia Battle

Trivia Battle is a fantastic game for trivia geeks who’d like to test their knowledge of random facts. 

Simply say “Alexa, open Trivia Battle” to get started with questions about everything from history, geography, pop culture to sports. 

Trivia Battle will keep you in check on different areas, and you can choose something educational and engaging if you have kids at home. 

  1. 10.Question of the Day

The Question of the Day game is the perfect option to get your brain thinking. 

Get started by saying “Alexa, Open Question of the Day” for fast-paced questions that you need to answer quickly. 

The Question of the Day game will bring up the spirits when you’re bored as you struggle to answer questions correctly within the shortest time possible. 

The game also educates you on things you might not have known before. Question of the Day is the ultimate choice if you want something engaging but quick. 

Try Alexa Games

Alexa has plenty of games for you to discover ranging from intense hunts for mythical creatures to classic trivia shows. You’ll find something fun to play no matter what types of games you like or what kind of gamer you are. 

You may have found a couple of games you like from the list provided here. If not, search for more fun games with Amazon’s home assistant. 

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