How Canadians Could Save Their Money With Printer Ink

Save money on printer ink

Printer ink is an expensive item to purchase and many of us struggle to find the spare cash when we run out! If you are looking for ways to save your money with printer ink then check out our guide below where we take you through your options and explain how they will help you to save some money.

Shop Around For Offers

If you are stuck in the rut of buying one printer cartridge at a time then you need to find a way to make sure you are getting the best deal for each one. Rather than purchasing one from the same store each time it could be beneficial to shop around before you part with your cash.

Printer ink is often placed on offer with a discount off the shelf price that will save you instant cash. The only drawback is that you will have to do some research before you head out to pick it up. In a bid to keep competition at its optimum, you will rarely find your ink discounted in multiple stores and so each time you need to get a replacement, you will need to find out where it is discounted at that time.

Bulk Buy

If you want a heavier discount then bulk buying cartridges for printer machines may be the way forward. It is a well-known fact that if you purchase in bulk then you can expect to get some level of discount on your order. You can then use the money you save to do something you enjoy!

Getting the best discount often means going to an office supply store where they will give incremental discounts depending on the number of items you purchase. To really benefit, you will need to buy a lot of ink and this can be difficult when it comes to finding somewhere to store it all. Plus ink does come with a shelf life so do not be tempted to buy more than you will use or you many end up with ink that you cannot use!

Use Replacement Ink

The best way to save decent levels of cash is to brave trying replacement ink. Many people are wary of this option but replacement ink has come such a long way since it was first introduced and it is now the same quality as original inks. There’s not denying that ink cartridges in Canada are expensive, so why would you keep paying through the nose for an item that could be sourced for at least half the price you usually pay?

There are many quality ink companies all over the world and you just need to take the time to find one that serves printer owners in Canada, like Smart Ink for example. When you think you have found a good one, then check out their customer service charter and returns policy to get a sense of whether they stand by their product or if they are just looking to make a quick buck. When you find the one that meets your needs then give them a try, we are pretty certain you will not look to buy original inks ever again!

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