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HotKey: The Official Podcast of Geek Insider #2 – 8.21.13 Featuring PopCap Games

This week, our host Frederick Johnson II conducts an in-depth, exclusive interview with PopCap Game’s Lead Designer, Mohan Rajagopalan.  right here on HotKey: The Official Podcast of Geek Insider. Frederick and the Comrades in Geekdom also cover the week’s geekiness, including: EverQuest:Next, Elder Scrolls, Nintendo Lawsuits and much, much more!

Host: Frederick Johnson II

Producer: Geek Insider


Hear The Podcast


0:37 Mohan Rajagopalan- PvZ2 Interview

22:12 Traditional Podcast Start

24:15EverQuest: Next

52:24 –  Payday 2 Profitable Before Release

1:03:12 Elder Scrolls Anthology

1:08:58Activision Blaming Console Shift for Lack of CoD:Ghost Pre-Orders

1:20:58Nintendo Suing

1:14:08Obama Admin. Blocks Apple Product Ban

1:27:58 –  Headset Claims to Overclock Brain

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