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HotKey: The Official Podcast of Geek Insider #1 – 08.14.13

In our first official podcast, our host Frederick Johnson II chats with his comrades in geekdom, Mr. Jay and Fleeke, about the latest in gaming and technology. Find out what’s coming up in the world of MMORPGs, why Nintendo is old, and what the hell “Love Machine” is, right here on HotKey: The Official Podcast of Geek Insider.

Host: Frederick Johnson II

Producer: Geek Insider

Hear the Podcast


3:40Elder Scrolls Online
13:30Cross Platform Compatability & Multiplayer
20:41Nintendo is Old

*Transistor Link Requested by Mr. Jay

32:40Dust: An Elysian Tail
37:53Shadowrun Returns
46:10Remaking Old Games
58:50 –  Exploding Phones
01:03:05Year of the Firefly
01:08:54Mice Implanted With Memories
01:13:50 – Elder Scrolls Online (2) (See above link)

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