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HotKey: The Official Podcast of Geek Insider #4 – 09.04.13

This week, our host Frederick Johnson II and his comrades in Geekdom discuss all things Batfleck and Gamescom, with a little Nintendo and PS4 thrown in for good measure. Tune in and hear all the geeky goodness that is going on at HotKey this week!

Host: Frederick Johnson II

Producer: Geek Insider

Hear The Podcast


02.00Wildstar Gamescom

14.30 – Final Fantasy XIV

19.00 – Gamescom, Xbox One Review GamesCom, PS4 review GamesCom

26.55PS4 Upgrade Plan

31.00 – Rare on Kinect

37.02 – Nintendo 2DS

43.46 – Actors and Superheroes: Ben Affleck as the new Batman,Quicksilver Kick Ass Connection

52.09Steve Ballmer Leaving Microsoft

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