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Home Recording Like a Boss

Home recording studio

Bruce Springsteen did it. The Rolling Stones did it. What stops the next thoughtful lyricist from doing it? It may come as a shock that recording artists can set up a home studio that can run – quite well – for $1,500. But traditionally, the home studio setup can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 depending on the hardware. What is surprising is that some of our favorite names in the music industry successfully recorded their albums at home with their fans none the wiser. Discover what they did, and what aspiring recording artists can do to record a great sounding album.

First Off, It’s a Great Investment

Those who want a home studio for themselves can tweak their production as much as they like without the interference of outside parties. On the other hand, home studios can be a lucrative investment for those who do it right. Although some tabs for home studios can run up to $50,000, the potential for return is even higher. This is because not everyone is willing to lay out thousands of dollars to set up their own studio, as many are still up-and-coming musicians saving up money for their music equipment, tours, and merchandise.

The Right Tools for the Job

Equipment can make or break a studio setup and in order to give the neighbor’s a peaceful night’s sleep, soundproofing is at the top of the list. Another piece of equipment that will minimize the noise and still provide ideal sound quality, is a good set of headphones. They usually come with different jacks that allows them to be plugged directly into the amps or through an interface to the recording equipment. The recording equipment, record player accessories, speakers, interfaces, microphones, stands, sound desk, and more make up the bulk of studio equipment. Producers can also invest in state-of-the-art software that allows them to mix the recordings without hassle or partner up with mixing and master specialists to do it for you.

It May Just Be the Next Best Thing

Those who have been lucky enough to hear the album “For Emma, Forever Ago” will be reminded that lumberjacking it out in the woods with nothing but an old Mac and Protools can produce an album that catapults you to success. For Bon Iver, this included some tear-filled moments reminiscing about his failed relationship and also a few health issues. The result? An ethereal compilation of soulful music that will drive the hardest nut to softness and reduce the rest to tears.

Clever software and a knack for mixing arrangements can produce wildly successful albums with fan followings in the millions. Hard word and a little bit of dedication may just result in a billboard hit, changing the face of garage bands forever.

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