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Hold The Storm Back With This ‘Thor’ Hat From ThinkGeek!

Have you ever stared at Chris Hemsworth and thought “I’d be just as cool if only I had a head like that?” Well, his luscious goldenGeek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, hold the storm back with this 'thor' hat from thinkgeek! , living locks might not be something you can buy, but ThinkGeek has the next best thing. Thor’s Asgardian Helm as a comfy winter hat.

Entirely polyester, the outside of the hat and inside have different textures. The inner lining is a nice faux-wool texture that’s as warm as it is soft. The little wings on the side extend down and cover the front of your ear from the cold. There’s a nice big Mjolnir logo on the front, just in case people didn’t know that you’re channeling the God of Thunder.

It’s a great piece for casual cosplay and everyday use alike. Let your coworkers know that Odin’s favor smiles upon you when you walk in. Just don’t wear it in the theater. The wings will distract the person in the seat behind you. Available at ThinkGeek for $24.99.


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