Hey Music Geeks – The New Amazon Vinyl Shop Wants To Give you Free Records!

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You read that correctly, but I’m happy to say it again – Free. Records.


Capitalizing on the current vinyl craze, Amazon has completely redesigned their music store. Hoping to feature their boundless bevy of new, used, and coveted wax, they’re also offering a wide array of new turntables and accessories. In celebration of the new and improved Amazon Vinyl Store, Amazon Music has gone a bit nutty and unleashed the 13 Day Vinyl Giveaway on the world.

For those in the know, Amazon Music has long been a haven for vinyl junkies seeking cheap and rare records. Slickly designed with a user-friendly interface, the Vinyl Store makes it easier than ever to search the site’s ballooning stock of alluring artifacts. Whether you’re a bin-diving pro or a music loving novice, you may want to clear some shelf space, ’cause finding the records you want just got a whole lot easier. But what’s the deal with this Giveaway?

The daily sweepstakes began on Oct. 23 and has already featured a booty of shiny new turntables and discs from the likes of Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones. Check your calendar ‘cause we’re already a few days into this marvelously fortuitous event. With the madness running through Nov. 4, there’s still a full week of chances to get your hands on some of this choice swag. Now is the time for action.

So, how do you enter? It’s simple and takes about two minutes. Follow the link below. Provide your name, email, and phone number and click submit. Entry is free, but you automatically opt-in to receiving Amazon Music marketing updates by registering. A few extra emails in your spam folder seems a paltry price to pay in the pursuit of FREE VINYL. Participants are allowed one entry per person, per day and the next day’s prize is updated daily at Noon (EST). Just to be clear, you’ll need to submit a new entry for each daily prize.

What are you waiting for? Click the link and enter for your chance to win today! Don’t let this unique opportunity to scoop up some free records pass you by!


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