Have You Tried The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club?

Microbrewed beer club

The Microbrewed Beer Club is an experience that may soon become a part of your lifestyle. Know a beer aficionado in your life? This item may be the perfect offering for them. 

What is the Microbrewed Beer Club?

Microbrewed Beer Club has been making American brew craft beers since 1994.

What’s so great about it?

Every month it delivers your brew in addition to one for your gift recipient, right to your door. With an impressive range of style and taste, you get your fill of seasonal ales and lagers without delay. 

Every month members receive a dozen handcrafted beers of 12 oz each. Remember that the beers are from two separate United States Microbreweries. The delivery includes four different types of beer, and for each type, you get three of them. 

There is a monthly newsletter that has information about the tasting notes, the history of the breweries where they came from, and the complete beer profiles. 

What Else Do You Need to Know about Microbrewed Beer Club?

The way the beers are picked and made comes from a special place. Each and every individual involved in the process is passionate about the product. The panel responsible for picking beers every month is the same that judges the Great American Beer Festival, to working with brewpub chains that have hundreds of locations all over the country. More than just the beer, the people are knowledgeable about what the customer wants. 

The beers are rated on appearance, body, balance, and the aromatic profile every year. This helps Microbrewed Beer Club determine a craft beer and its overall appeal and character. After this is done, only about 20 percent of the beers that make the cut for the Microbrewed Beer Club monthly packages.

Pertinent Details

Microbrewed Beer Club has a longstanding relationship with importers and breweries, which is the key to discovering new beers that soon become favorites and getting craft beers that are exclusive to the Microbrewed brand. 

Seasonal beers are given a lot of attention and focus like the Bavarian Hefeweizens, the Doppelbocks, the Oktoberfests, and the Spiced Winter Ales, which are produced in small batches for the members every year.  

Enjoy The Experience

Microbrewed Beer Club eliminates the things that have ruined the art of selecting and buying craft beer. There is a responsive customer service team to cater to all customers. You don’t have to wait in line or wrestle through crowds to get the coveted Microbrewed Beer package of the month. If you are a member and you like a particular beer, you can reorder the same bottle as long as supplies last. 

Try it Out

The Microbrewed Beer Club is sought after for gift giving. Every shipment is an experience in gift-giving and not just a package. The beers are curated by a compelling tasting panel, which is an authority on American craft beverages. You also receive the recommended glassware and food pairings. 

If you are looking for a last-minute solution, the Microbrewed Beer Club will serve you well. You can even opt for an email gift announcement for a particular date.

It only takes a minute and will be viewed as a thoughtful present. 


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